Enhancing Support: Our Game-Changing AI Update! 9492

Enhancing Support: Our Game-Changing AI Update!


We’re thrilled to announce an upcoming change that will revolutionize how you find solutions to your questions within the Blackbaud Knowledgebase!

We’re thrilled to announce an upcoming change that will revolutionize how you find solutions to your questions within the Blackbaud Knowledgebase!

What’s Changing?

Starting today, April 1st, Blackbaud will harness the power of AI and the collective wisdom of our Knowledgebase articles to generate answers based on your search queries. No more sifting through multiple articles or documentation—just straightforward solutions at your fingertips.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Reduced Effort: AI will deliver concise answers right away, saving you time and effort
  • Efficiency Unleashed: You’ll find the information you need faster; no need to open and review multiple articles to get answers
  • Continuous Evolution: Our commitment doesn’t stop here. Expect ongoing enhancements as we fine-tune Knowledgebase’s AI capabilities in the coming months
  • Traditional Search Options: Prefer to search manually or can't find what you need with AI? The list of relevant articles is still available below the generated answer

Pro Tips for Optimal Use:

  • Open Citations: If you’d like to explore the source material, you can open citations within the generated answer. These citations will lead you to the original Knowledgebase articles
  • Rate Solutions: Did you get the answer you need? Give a thumbs-up! If not, a thumbs-down helps us improve
  • Rephrase Requests: If the initial answer doesn’t fully address your query, you can request a rephrased response. AI will provide alternative explanations or additional details

As part of our Intelligence for Good® strategy, we’re committed to bringing you AI-powered capabilities that are accessible, powerful, and responsible. We believe this change will significantly enhance your experience with our support resources!

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Who are you buying or licensing the underlying model from?

Do you know for a certainty that the initial model wasn't created using training scraped from the general Internet without regard to copyright or to the wishes of of all of the people that wrote all those things (articles, blog posts, forum threads, etc)?

Hi Issac, all content used to generate responses within our Knowledgebase is authored by our internal Blackbaud experts. The platform we use for our AI-optimized Knowledgebase services is the same one we already used to share our content. Responsible use of AI—including ensuring we are grounding our models in the appropriate data for the use—is essential to our Intelligence for Good® strategy. (And if you haven't already checked it out, you can see an overview of our strategy here: Intelligence for Good - Blackbaud.)

This is great news! As long as its not an April Fool's joke! I don't want to see an undate at the end of day with "Just Kidding Folks!" ?

While April 1st may be an odd day to release this exciting functionality, we were to thrilled to wait any longer and are committed to improving the customer experience and make it easier to find the information you need.

Awesome, but it is kind of odd to make big announcements on April 1st.

Thanks @Matt Lacy for posting this - I'm excited to see the changes. If this was five years ago I would have thought this was an April Fools joke being announced today. Today I totally believe it!

I kept waiting for the punchline, too! Is it for real? ?