Introducing the Blackbaud Impact Awards: Let’s celebrate you! 9605

Introducing the Blackbaud Impact Awards: Let’s celebrate you!


Blackbaud has launched a new customer awards program, the Blackbaud Impact Awards. Nominate your organization now through July 12.

We’re thrilled to announce the Blackbaud Impact Awards, to recognize and celebrate the amazing achievements our customers are realizing and the impact they're driving every day with their Blackbaud software. In other words, we’re celebrating YOU!

Our six award categories – for organizations and leaders - honor not just the powerful outcomes you deliver, but the behind-the-scenes excellence that makes it all happen. The six award categories are: 

  • The Silo Buster Award, which recognizes organizations that have broken down silos and increased collaboration for greater impact, with the support of Blackbaud software. 

  • The Changemaker Award, which recognizes agile organizations that have embraced new tech capabilities to overcome challenges on the fly and deliver results. 

  • The Fueling Greatness Award, which puts a spotlight on the ambitious goals that were reached and surpassed across any number of operating areas. 

  • The Data Strategist Award, which recognizes data-fluent organizations who can demonstrate how data-informed decisions have given them a greater edge, or how they discovered new pathways to overcome an obstacle through analytics, reporting, and communication. 

  • The Futurist Award, for organizations who can share their story of technological exploration and creativity within Blackbaud’s flexible ecosystem. 

  • The Outstanding Leadership Award, which celebrates exceptional executive-level leaders who empower their teams and organizations. 

Whether your organization is breaking down silos internally, driving mission-aligned change, adapting to new tech processes to work more effectively, or doubling down on data-driven decisions to accelerate your impact, we want to hear about it!

Click here to nominate your organization or leader today!

Winners of the Blackbaud Impact Awards will be officially announced on the mainstage at bbcon 2024, September 24–26 in Seattle, WA, and will receive one complimentary pass to help them join the celebration. Additionally, winners will be featured in a press release, on the Blackbaud website, and on social media.

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