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Calling All Bbcon (US) Alumni!

There is a new page in Community to claim your bbcon (US) attendees badges from previous years. You can also connect with other bbcon (US) alumni!
Thanks to the suggestions of our awesome Community members, we've now made it possible for you to claim bbcon (US) past attendee badges from as far back as 2015!

You can access the new alumni page HERE in Community. 

Click all the years you attended bbcon (US) and your badge will now show up in the activity section of your profile page. When you click the button, it will return you to the alumni page, but when you click on your profile - the badges will be there. 

You can also now browse other bbcon (US) alumni from previous years on the page. It's a great new resource page for anyone who would like to connect with alumni and if you are new to the bbcon (US) experience and need guidance, our Community alumni are the best people to ask!

Thanks again to everyone who reached out to see if there was a way to display badges showing how many years you've attended bbcon. We thought starting at 2015 was a good stepping stone, but we realize some of you may have badges as far back as the FIRST bbcon! Next up, we'll create a badge for Community members who have attended every single bbcon (US) and you can wear that badge with pride.

We continue to try and make this conference community helpful to you in every way. If you have any suggestions for how to improve the experience or more ideas we can implement - you can post a new discussion.

If you are a proud bbcon (US) alumni - let us know in the comments below. To kick our new page off, I'll be giving away Blackbaud swag to an alumni who leaves a comment on how many years they've attended!
Posted by Crystal Bruce on Feb 19, 2020 2:34 PM America/New_York

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I've been lucky enough to go for 5 years: 2014-2018!  Sad I missed 2019 while I was in the midst of changing jobs.  I'm looking forward to Seattle, though!
  • Posted Thu 20 Feb 2020 08:42 AM EST
I've had very supportive employers over the years and have been able to attend each year since 2007 when it was in Charleston. 
  • Posted Thu 20 Feb 2020 09:57 AM EST