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Luminate Online's native integration with Janrain is a great way to drive social engagement with your supporters. By making it easier for them to share your content (on all the popular social networks) or sign-in with social (one less username and password to remember!) you can add convenience and familiarity to how your supporters interact with your site and campaigns. 
Connecting this social functionality with your grassroots and Advocacy efforts makes them even more effective. The typical US Representative offices (often the reps themselves!) are constantly monitoring social channels to get the pulse of their constituencies. Research indicates that 10-30 comments or mentions is a tipping point to driving meaningful action. (Source: Congressional Management Foundation’s study, #SocialCongress2015) 
Did you know that the Luminate Advocacy data set includes the social handles of officials? 
A wise person once said, "Politicians can't read, but they can count." So a great strategy is to include their handle in anything you RT or re-share. With just a simple adaptation to the Luminate social sharing component code, you can put this social data to work and weave Twitter handles directly as @mentions to increase the impact. 
A useful place to drop in this code would be any sort of Advocacy Supporter Center pages or (especially) the landing or thank-you page of an Advocacy alert. It provides an easy way to tweet out a customizable message to your supporter's member of Congress. 
And don't stop there. Engage your constituents who are participating in the campaign.  Include a unique hashtag or link in the suggested tweet text so that you can identify and engage with those tweets.  Blackbaud’s social engagement tool helps you track and engage activists using your hashtags from your "tweet your legislator" campaign and respond (thank), re-tweet and/or follow those constituents in batch. Engagement drives loyalty! 


[Just a note that the whole code block is wrapped in a conditional for the scenario in which the constituent is logged-in with a known address, so that we can determine who their rep is. Stay tuned for a follow-up post detailing how to reach alert-takers' reps even when they are not logged in!] 
Paste the below (and attached) code block in any Luminate Online content area and logged-in users will see a "tweet your rep" widget. 
For bonus points, you can place this code into a reusable and pull the reusable into a content area with [[S51:reusable_page_name]] 
(highlighted text can/should be tailored for your particular organization or campaign)

[[?x[[S1:user_name]][[S93:federal representative:raw:________twitterhandle]]x::xx::  
<!-- not logged and/or incomplete address -->  
[[U0:twitter_share_call_to_action=Tweet your rep!]]  
[[U0:twitter_share_message=Update your suggested tweet text here]]  
[[U0:twitter_share_handle=[[S93:federal representative:raw:________twitterhandle]]]]  
<!-- if you don’t change [[S8]] it will default to the current URL -->  
[[E203:[[S80:twitter_share_message]] [[S80:twitter_share_handle]]|CURRENT_PAGE_TITLE|CURRENT_PAGE_DESCRIPTION|[[S80:twitter_share_URL]]|||CURRENT_PAGE_IMAGE_SRC|[[S80:twitter_share_URL]]|[[S80:twitter_share_call_to_action]]|twitter||false]] 
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