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Toolkits For Fundraisers - Customizable Team Captain Toolkit

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Are you currently running a fundraising campaign and have fundraisers setting up Team pages for your organization? Fundraising Teams are incredibly powerful, so make sure to harness that power with our free and customizable team captain toolkit.

Fundraisers are stronger together! In addition to fundraising together (or apart if they are in different cities), supporters encouraging each other to fundraise, connect with their fundraising pages, and becoming a team provides even more inspiration and motivation for everyone including your donors!

If you have a team captain, empower them to drive their group to smash their fundraising targets. We've build a free Team Captain Toolkit for you. You can download it, customize it with your organization's branding and then send it out for your Team Captains to use to encourage their team members.
It's easy peasy, all you need to do is download the Word document, edit the yellow highlighted areas with your info and share it with your Team Captains. Try it out now and see for yourself how fundraiser couching can have true and measurable impact.

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