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Little Known Destinations

In all my years of higher education, the coolest thing I ever learned about was the Salton Sea.

Originally thought of as a paradise for Southern Californians, this housing development quickly un-developed, turning into a strange, historically preserved wasteland. Half-built houses, classic automobiles rusting in garages, mounds and mounds of old fish skeletons … it’s downright eerie.

The weirdest part of it all, however, is how few people know it exists. It’s an amazing historical site—so full of adventure and wonder—just 2.5 hours away from Los Angeles.

In a way, the Salton Sea sometimes reminds me of Blackbaud University’s eLearning resources. Not that they’re outdated or full of dead fish … but how few people know they exist. We have so much eLearning goodness available to everyone with a product subscription, covering topics like: So, go ahead. Take a dip into our eLearning today. I can’t promise you seaside views, but I can guarantee an informative journey through the basics of Blackbaud Award Management.
Posted by Kody Jackson on May 15, 2019 8:55 AM America/New_York

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