Your guide to Blackbaud resources: Help Docs 6455

Your guide to Blackbaud resources: Help Docs

You’re working in your product and—suddenly—you realize you don’t know what to do next.

You may be thinking things like:
  • “What the heck does this button do?”
  • “Why can’t I access this do-hickey?”
  • “Where in the world are these settings they speak of?”
Instead of banging your head on the table—trust me, it only increases the headache—turn to your trusty Help Docs.

Step 1: Open the Help Widget
To get immediate help, select the green ? at the top right of your screen.

Most of the time, it’ll pull up an article related to your current page.

Tip: If you open any of the help links in a new window, you'll be able to see a full-screen version of our help.

Step 2: Search our Help
If you were looking for a different article, search the help.

Some tips on searching:
  • Start small:
    • Use short phrases (“create user”) instead of longer statements or questions (“How do I create an admin?”)
    • If you see too many results, then you can be more specific
  • Check your spelling:
    • If you tell us the wrong thing to search for (“repotting” instead of “reporting”), it’s hard to give you the right results
  • Try synonyms:
    • To broaden your search, try additional phrases
    • Edit à Update, change, save
Step 3: Explore the Table of Contents
Want to explore more of the Help Docs?

In the top right of the Help Widget, open the Table of Contents to see other topics. It’s currently a work in progress, but more improvements should be coming soon!


Step 4: Provide Feedback
If you didn’t find what you were looking for—or you found exactly what you were looking for—let us know!

Use the Was this helpful? to provide feedback on our help docs.

In the past month, I’ve used feedback from y’all to:
  • Add more context about the Stewardship dashboard
  • Include dates on the What’s New announcements
  • Add more information about contacting Support
Tip: From the bottom of the Help Widget, you can also access other Blackbaud resources (Community, Knowledgebase, Case Central, and Support Chat).

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