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Streamlining Happiness

With multiple children in my household, it’s not always easy to keep everyone happy—all the time. So we, as parents, offer rewards for good behavior, simple chores, and acts of kindness. We use a reward chart (which is proudly displayed in our kitchen) to monitor their progress.

How does your organization reward your applicants and streamline the scholarship process?

With Blackbaud Award Management, you can award more scholarships to the right students, keep your donors happy, and prepare for a new awarding cycle—with a few simple guidelines:
  • Gather relevant components for portfolios, to include donor details so applicants feel connected to whoever is providing the funding for the award
  • List important details about the opportunity, including the total amount of awards available within your awarding cycle
  • Communicate offers to applicants and provide additional instructions, if necessary, for the award
  • Determine which opportunities you will clone or archive, and choose the best time for Cycle Management

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As the week comes to an end at our household, we tally up the good, pass out rewards, and prepare to do it all over again the next week! It keeps us all happy and prepares our kids for future success!

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