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Being Qualified Could Change A Life

I'm an avid watcher of Wheel of Fortune. Most nights, I can quickly solve the puzzle before the TV contestants. Then, I think to myself—Why haven't they figured this out yet? My husband keeps encouraging me to audition to play the game, but maybe I'm not as qualified as I think I am!

What makes your applicants qualified for your scholarship awards? Are you asking the right questions?

Learn how to choose the right applicants, with Blackbaud Award Management. Increase your applicant pool and set up specific qualification criteria for opportunities, with a few simple steps:
  1. Set up a series of questions for applicants to answer.
  2. Use specific qualifications including data such as GPA, major, classifications, etc.
  3. Create or assign reviewer groups to determine qualification points.
  4. Take advantage of projected applicant matches.

Need an additional perspective on applicants? Use reference questionnaires to maximize their awarding opportunity!

Change a qualified applicant's life today! Register now for Blackbaud University's refreshed course, Blackbaud Award Management: Questions and Qualifications!

As for me, I get a little nervous when I'm in front of a crowd. So even though I think I have what it takes to win that next $100,000.00 in the BONUS round, my stage fright automatically disqualifies me and my eagerness to win big! For now, I'll just stick to virtual winning!

To help give your organization a win and find that eager and qualified applicant, we've included this class as part of your Blackbaud University Learn More training subscription. Not a Learn® subscriber? Find out how a Learn® subscription can help develop your efficiency and ongoing skills.

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I clicked on the link and there doesn't appear to be any sessions available.


Sessions are available now Oliver if you would like to register! Thanks!

Thanks Oliver! Our team is working on updating this! Sessions will be available shortly.