Now Available - Multifactor Authentication 7886

Now Available - Multifactor Authentication


Users logging in with local or allow-list authentication now have the option to enable multifactor authentication for added security.

As part of setting up additional security, users now have the option to enable multifactor authentication.

Multifactor authentication (MFA) is a form of electronic authentication that requires an individual user to provide their email address and password, and a unique verification code before they are granted access to Award Management or Stewardship Management. If someone has stolen the user's password, they still need the verification code to access sensitive data and account information through the user's account.

If a user enables multifactor authentication, they will be emailed a verification code. Only individual users who sign in with an email and password — with local or allow-list authentication — can enable multifactor authentication for their account. Users have the option to enable or disable multifactor authentication at any point.

See Enable multifactor authentication for an overview of how to set up multifactor authentication.

Why enable multifactor authentication? See this video for a brief overview of what MFA is, the security benefits of using MFA, and how to enable MFA in Award Management or Stewardship Management -

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