Important Update: Blackbaud ID Enhancements and Your Users 9462

Important Update: Blackbaud ID Enhancements and Your Users


As part of our continuous effort to enhance the security and stability of Blackbaud solutions, an upcoming change to Blackbaud ID will benefit your organization and users.

These changes will:
  • Improve the reliability of Blackbaud ID
  • Offer an easier, more intuitive user sign-in experience
Starting in late March 2024, users of Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT®, Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT®, and other business solutions will see a new, improved sign-in page. Starting April 16, users of Education solutions will also receive the new experience. All users should see the improved sign-in page by the end of April.

What will Education solution users experience after the changes?
  • All users who land on the Blackbaud ID sign in page will see an improved look, which places your organization’s logo more centrally on the page.
  • Email/Password users who sign in with multi-factor authentication (MFA) will be prompted to set up their MFA connection again.
  • Users who sign in with Apple or Google will be prompted to re-authorize Blackbaud to access their name and email.
What if my organization uses single sign-on (SSO)?
  • Blackbaud Award Management™ and Blackbaud Stewardship Management™ customers do not currently use SSO through Blackbaud ID to log in to their sites.
  • If you access Blackbaud Award and Stewardship Management via an institutional SSO, your login experience is not impacted by this change and no action is needed.
What happens to a user who can log into both a business solution (like Blackbaud Raisers Edge NXT) and an education solution?
  • During the month of April, users who access both business solutions and education solutions may experience the new and old login - both will continue to work.
    • All users who initiate the Blackbaud ID login workflow from one of the following education solutions will flow through the new Blackbaud ID page starting on April 16
      • Blackbaud Higher Education Solutions™:
        • Blackbaud Enrollment Management System ™
        • Blackbaud Learning Management System ™
        • Blackbaud Student Information System ™
        • Blackbaud Billing Management System ™
      • Blackbaud Award Management™
      • Blackbaud Stewardship Management™
    • By the end of April all users on all solutions will see the improved login experience.
    • Regardless, the user will only have to take their migration action once.
      • Email/password users will not be prompted to create a new MFA connection more than once.
      • Social sign-in users will not have to re-authorize Blackbaud to access their name and email more than once.
      • As a reminder, SSO users will not see any change.
Learn more: please explore our Blackbaud ID migration page, which includes upcoming webinars, an email template to prepare your community, and more.

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