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What's New (May 13)

This week we've added features to help you build rosters based on grade levels and create lists of congregants based on small group participation or relationship type.

Grade Levels
With check-in rosters, you can build lists of children based on age or grade-level to assign to child check-in classes. From Constituents, Settings, Grade levels, you can now configure the grade levels used for class rosters and define their order for promotion. A set of pre-configured grade levels are provided out-of-the-box, but you can add or remove grade levels as needed, such as for pre-K or high school. For more information, see Grade Level Settings


List Filters
From Lists, you can create lists of records based on specified criteria. You can now filter congregants in a list based on their small groups and relationship type.
  • To include congregants based on their involvement in small groups, such as parents' groups or scripture studies, select Small groups and, under Small group participation, choose who to include.
    Tip:  To view which small groups the congregants in a list participate in, select Choose columns, Small groups, and Apply filters. For more information, see Constituent List Filters
  • To include congregants based on their relationship with others, such as parents or siblings, select Constituent basics and, under Characteristics, select Relationship type to choose the relationships to include. For more information, see Constituent Basics Filters
Posted by Nikki Tremann on May 13, 2019 4:16 PM America/New_York

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