Parents - donorCentrics Benchmarking Collaborative Benchmarking Meeting
Participation in the donorCentrics Collaborative Parents Benchmarking Meeting is restricted to current customers in the Parents benchmarking cohort. Participating organizations must agree to share their data with small cohort groups to benchmark against peers.

The Parents benchmarking cohort typically includes colleges and universities with a specific interest in exploring trends related to their parents and family philanthropy programs.

What is donorCentrics?
Introduced in 1989, donorCentrics has provided collaborative benchmarking services to more than 400 organizations in the U.S. and around the globe.

donorCentrics puts the donor, rather than the campaign at the center of the analysis. The analysis helps to identify opportunities for program growth, identifying underperforming segments, and maximizing donor value. donorCentrics analysis spans 5 years, since a trend over time is more instructive than a single-year measure.

donorCentrics analysis includes: an Overall Program Assessment that examines donor lifecycle behavior and fundraising performance trends over 5 years; a Collaborative Benchmarking Report that compares key metrics with other organizations in an assigned cohort; and a facilitated Collaborative Benchmarking Results Meeting to discuss results, share best practices and key successes.
Date & Time
Wednesday April 3rd, 2024
End Date & Time
Thursday April 4th, 2024

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