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The K-12 Conference Community is the place for members to build conference connections, schedule meetups, and share valuable resources all year long.

K-12 Conference

Pam Eaton
can a recommendation form be reset after a teacher submits it? I have a teacher who wants to edit their already ...
Pam Eaton 10d
Elizabeth  Perron
It has been enlightening to hear from our members who attended the 2020 Virtual K12 User Conference on an ...
Hello Elizabeth,
I truly appreciated the opportunity to meet online. Thank you for putting together a virtual ...
Brian Hoyt
I just logged into the various sites supporting the UC. On  ...
Brian Hoyt Jul '20
Brian Hoyt Brian Hoyt Jul '20
I just realized there are two different session lists. One is at  ...
Angela May
I just looked through the list of 2020 UC session tracks, and there is not a track for Development, Advancement, ...
Angela May Jun '20
Hello Angela May ‍ — Removing the Development track from this year's UC was a tough decision that we had to make. With ...
Coco Parham
Is the session schedule set for the July 2020 online conference? I saw a schedule of virtual sessions on a community ...
Coco Parham Jun '20
Hi Coco Parham ‍ — Yes, you can view the schedule here:  https://blackbaud.swoogo.com/k12ucvirtual/schedule .

Mary Revie
So I just signed up for the conference.  Is it just me or does the Conference website still contain information that ...
Mary Revie Jun '20
Hi Mary Revie ‍ — Thanks for the question. You may be hitting an old cached version of the site, the updated site is ...
Daren Worcester
We're beyond excited to announce that the virtual UC20 on July 8-9 is free to all attendees! Register today at  ...
Daren Worcester May '20
On the FAQ for the K-12 UC site it says you can transfer your registration to bbcon 2021 - I think you mean ...

Carlene Johnson
I'm thinking of submitting a session topic on Pros/Cons/Best Practices/How-to of Promoting Non-Constituent ...
Carlene Johnson May '20
Hi Carlene Johnson ‍,

I noticed a peer hasn't replied within the forum thread, but you may have received private ...
Daren Worcester
https://blackbaud.swoogo.com/bbk12uc20/CFS_Extended We received many great submissions for UC20 during ...
Daren Worcester May '20
Glad you shared that this was extended!  Just submitted my proposal.  
Bryan Lorenzo
Elizabeth Perron ‍ what is the status of the K-12 conference schedule for July?
Bryan Lorenzo Apr '20
Great question!
I've also alerted Daren Worcester ‍ who may have information on this event. 

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