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Danielle Wood
Hi K–12 Community, I'm Danielle! I am a content marketer for K–12, and a part of the team that helps orchestrate the ...
Brian Hoyt
Too late for this year but a suggestion for next year. Make the UC signup use the existing BBID login rather than ...
Elizabeth Perron
Hi K-12 UC Community, Are you a K-12 UC Alumni, if so, how many years have you attended? Feel free to add which year was ...
Julie Baker ‍ , Mathieu Farrugia ‍ or Corrine Duncan ‍ are you game to start this game of alumni tag by sharing how many ...
Tim  Newborn
We so look forward to seeing you all at the virtual K-12 UC again this year! In fact, we're so excited that we can't ...
Tim Newborn Feb '21
Web Trends 2021
Elizabeth Perron
Hi past UC K-12 Conference members, What is your most memorable UC K-12 Conference session from any year you have ...
My most memorable UC K12 conference session would be Expense Management in with Blackbaud Purchase Cards in FE ...
LuAnn Ringler
I wasn't in this community in 2019.  Is there any way to get my attendee badge now?? Happy New Year all!
LuAnn Ringler Dec '20
I'm also curious if there is a UC2020 badge?
Elizabeth Perron
It has been enlightening to hear from our members who attended the 2020 Virtual K12 User Conference on an ...
Hello Elizabeth,
I truly appreciated the opportunity to meet online. Thank you for putting together a virtual ...
Brian Hoyt
I just logged into the various sites supporting the UC. On  ...
Brian Hoyt Jul '20
Brian Hoyt Brian Hoyt Jul '20
I just realized there are two different session lists. One is at  ...
Angela May
I just looked through the list of 2020 UC session tracks, and there is not a track for Development, Advancement, ...
Angela May Jun '20
Hello Angela May ‍ — Removing the Development track from this year's UC was a tough decision that we had to make. With ...
Coco Parham
Is the session schedule set for the July 2020 online conference? I saw a schedule of virtual sessions on a community ...
Coco Parham Jun '20
Hi Coco Parham ‍ — Yes, you can view the schedule here:  https://blackbaud.swoogo.com/k12ucvirtual/schedule .


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