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Amy Roberts
Hi! Does anyone know if you lose the entire submitted and complete committee review if you delete/archive an ...
Ben Leddy
Hi all, Ben from the LMS team here. I'm so excited to share that we have two new resources available to aid with LTI ...
Ben Leddy Category LTI_OneRoster 1d
Helen Snyder
I'm wondering if anyone has integrated with Canvas (not talkinb about Grade pass back). We just did our intial data ...
Larry Bucher
Who here has setup the (new) transcript builder with their school? Still using the old builder at present but want ...
Hey Larry, I created a new template, but couldn't get it to do what I needed it to. It seemed to be more limited than the ...
Jerry arnone
Where do you enter the cost associated with a course? For example: Art Supply fee for a course.
Oona McKnight
Does this message mean that we will ONLY be able to use emails as usernames starting in July? What will we do for ...
Hi all, I first want to be very clear that this does not mean that you need to move your users to BBID. It does mean that ...
Jason Whitaker
When teachers click the "add from Google Drive" button while editing their bulletin boards, only a subset of the ...
Cindy Price
Has anyone shared or can share their Policy and Procedures guide in regards to K-12 Education
Hi Cindy Price ‍ did you mean to post this in Altru? If so, fantastic! We do have a education management (K-12) ...
Cassandre Durocher
We've started to use Bulk Uploads to upload student records to student profiles. Does anyone else use them and for ...
Cassandre Durocher Category Core 5d
I upload all records received for new students to the user files as well as scores of the standardized tests we give ...
Priscilla Lopez
Hello All, please help vote for this idea on adding Asian support in Messages for parents in Asian countries. Also ...

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