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How Have You Pivoted During The Pandemic?


What have we learned so far about fundraising during a global pandemic? Hear what your peers in the community are saying, and share your story.

We're 8 months into the Covid-19 pandemic, and many aspects of our lives and fundraising still somehow feel as uncertain as ever. At the same time, we now know so much more about life and fundraising during a global pandemic than we did 8 months ago.
It has been a true inspiration to learn from so many clients who have successfully adapted their fundraising programs to this new reality. From social distancing measures in the call center, to remote calling, to creative strategies like gift officer appointment setting and admissions calling. Regardless of the strategy, what I'm hearing most is that donors continue to be generous. They are happy to answer the phone, reply to emails and texts, talk to fundraisers, and provide financial support.
We want to hear from you, too!
  • Are your student fundraisers social distancing in the call center, are they calling in remotely, or a hybrid of both?
  • How has your messaging changed during the pandemic? How have donors responded?
  • What creative strategies have you implemented? Which ones were (or weren't) successful?
  • What else have you learned?
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