Coming Soon: Blackbaud ID for Guided Fundraising Agents 7806

Coming Soon: Blackbaud ID for Guided Fundraising Agents


BBID for Student Fundraisers Coming August 17th

As we continue to enhance the security of all Blackbaud tools and technology, Blackbaud Guided Fundraising™ is changing the way student fundraisers log in, bringing all Staff and Agents onto Blackbaud ID (BBID).

Starting Tuesday, August 17th, all Agents will need to use a BBID to log into Blackbaud Guided Fundraising as a student/agent fundraiser. This means Agents will need to create a new Blackbaud ID account to access the product. For those of you that were users of Blackbaud Guided Fundraising before 2020, you may remember going through this process as Staff. Setting up a BBID should take a student less than 10 minutes. Any student Agents added after August 17th will be triggered, via automated email, to set up their BBID as their only login.

Ahead of this change, we’re asking you to go into your Blackbaud Guided Fundraising account, as a Staff user, and mark any Agents no longer working on campaigns, due to graduation or end of employment for any reason, as ‘Inactive.’ This change is a simple toggle choice for each Agent within the Admin>User Management section of the Blackbaud Guided Fundraising staff application. Please mark Agents ‘Inactive’ by end of day August 11th. We will use the ‘Active’ list of Agents to send instructions on setting up a new BBID and using this to log into Blackbaud Guided Fundraising going forward.

I know this is a busy time for you as you ramp up for fall semester, and we’ve timed this change in the hopes we can get all students returning to campus easily on BBID before calling begins for your program. Any students coming on board after August 17th will be set up with a BBID login from the start.

Those of you with Staff Blackbaud Guided Fundraising Logins have also received an email about this today with more details, a frequently asked questions document with links to relevant Knowledgebase articles and resources.

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