Now Available: Text First Campaigns! 8074

Now Available: Text First Campaigns!

We said soon, and we meant as soon as we could get it to you! We’ve expanded your play options – instead of always starting with a call, you can send texts first to enable timely follow up actions. You may want to prime donors that a student will be reaching out soon, or quickly reach a segment that is likely to give via text rather than a call.

For more information, best practices and guidance please check out our Text First Plays Knowledgebase Frequently Asked Questions.

We hope you can play around with this and make the most of this new feature for spring campaigns. We also know this comes with some new ways to think about your outreach, and hope you will take time to ask questions and give feedback. We’d love for you to leave your comments here in the BBGF Community, in comments on this post or in the ‘Ideas’ tab. As we plan for 2022 enhancements to this feature we may reach out to you for more thoughts as well. Thank you for being engaged and helping us build the best tool for you!
News Blackbaud Guided Fundraising™ Blog 11/17/2021 12:19pm EST

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