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Preparing For The Long Run

I recently spoke with a friend who was preparing for a 24-hour trail race. Yes, you read that correctly—running for 24 hours. (It blew my mind, too.) After my initial shock wore off, I asked her what kind of preparation went into an event like this, and that conversation shocked me even more. She told me how she needed to prepare physically and mentally. She explained the importance checkpoints an22946d3d9277fb1c7170cd6c1b037e87-huge-chd what supplies she would pack to ensure that things would “run” smoothly—pun intended.

A lot of this went right over my head since I’m not a runner. But as a techie, I immediately related what she told me to databases. Database administrators need to make a plan to ensure they’ve configured their database and defined the necessary tools. Skipping those crucial steps is like skipping the necessary prep work and going straight to a 24-hour run. 

Need some coaching? ResearchPoint: Database Configuration and Administration can show you the necessary first steps and preparation to run a smooth and effective database. 

This course is recommended for ResearchPoint users who have completed the ResearchPoint Fundamentals Exam.
Posted by Kayla Hinson on Sep 1, 2020 10:34 AM America/New_York

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