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P2P CSM Tip: Easily Prep Last Year's TR Event For This Year!

** Posted on behalf of Caroline Benton**

We've made it easy for you to prep last year's TeamRaiser event for this year! With our 'Best Practices' Pagewrapper, you can update your slide images & logo without editing the wrapper or even the PageBuilder parts. All you need to do is properly format and name the images and upload them to the image library.

The slide images need to be "JPG" and sized 1140px wide x 485px height
The logo image needs to be "PNG" and sized 300px wide x 110px height
Once the files are formatted correctly, save them with the right file names:
Slides: slide-1-1234.jpg; slide-2-1234.jpg etc. where "1234" is this specific event ID, visible under the event name in the list of TeamRaisers.
Logo: logo-1234.png (1234 = event ID)

Now, in Luminate, go to Library, Image library, upload image and upload the images with the same name as the file name. If you need to change any images once you've uploaded them, Choose “edit” for the item in the library, and use the "Browse" button next to "New File" to replace the image. DO NOT DELETE this item in the library. Deleting will break the link and require intervention to repair.
Note: If you're not seeing the new slide show & logo once you view your event, let your CSM know.

Ready for the next step? Talk to your CSM about updating the sponsor logos to use the TeamRaiser image library. It’s easy to setup and maintain. Bonus! Each logo can be a link to help promote your sponsors.

Posted by Rachel Shields on May 18, 2017 11:47 AM America/New_York