Blackbaud Developers' Conference (DevCon) Coming Soon! 7520

Blackbaud Developers' Conference (DevCon) Coming Soon!


Our first-ever, open Blackbaud Developers’ Conference (DevCon) is coming up on June 15-17. Prior technology-driven DevCon events have been strictly focused on Blackbaud CRM. This year, we're opening it up to technology experts and enthusiasts who build solutions for the SKY Developer Platform, low-code solutions (such as automations and applications built on the Microsoft Power Platform), and Luminate Online.

You might not consider yourself a “developer,” so why should you care?

DevCon is an opportunity for software developers and technology enthusiasts to convene, share best practices, exchange great ideas, build relationships with peers, and learn from and collaborate with Blackbaud product experts and partners. It is a user-group on overdrive for all levels of creators, coders, analysts, experts, database administrators, IT professionals, drag-and-drop workflow designers and innovation evangelists. 

What can you do now? You're invited to SUBMIT A PROPOSAL TO SPEAK (or encourage developers on your team to do so). All stories big and small bring life to DevCon. We'll focus content on areas that participants find exciting and relevant to share. All sessions must involve a Blackbaud solution with a publicly available API.

The customer stories and real-life use cases that we share at DevCon are what make the experience, so we hope you will consider speaking and providing feedback on hot topics you hope to see covered, or encouraging developers on your team to do so. If you have an amazing success (or even a failure/ teachable moment) to share, big or small, we want to hear about it. DevCon will include sessions and content formats to showcase all sizes and styles of storytelling.

Stay tuned for more info on sessions, skill labs, competitions, developer roundtables, innovation showcases, code swaps and of course – amazing speakers. Join us to contribute to an epic experience when we all come together to network, learn, celebrate, challenge and create.

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