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Blackbaud’s Next-Level Activity-Tracking Feature Is Here!


It’s time to turn your supporters into peer-to-peer fundraising rockstars with mobile-first fundraising and gamified activity-tracking experiences to engage and raise more than ever before through Blackbaud TeamRaiser®.

Blackbaud has announced the general availability of a new expansive feature for Blackbaud TeamRaiser® in the U.S. and Canada that will help charitable organizations further engage their constituents and raise more with a mobile-first gamified activity-tracking and peer-to-peer fundraising experience.

Good Move enhances TeamRaiser’s leading peer-to-peer fundraising capabilities with the ability to track fundraising and activity goals on real-time leaderboards.


With a variety of activity-tracking capabilities (syncing fitness devices, checking into gyms/studios, manual entry tiles) and customizable event types (mindful minutes, read-a-thons, traditional walk/runs, pickle ball tournaments, hiking challenges, etc.), TeamRaiser customers can take their fundraisers to the next level and build events that truly resonate with their supporter base for greater returns.

Available Event Types:
  • Distance – Allows for activities that record distances (i.e., walk, run, swim, hike, bike, and more).
  • Duration - Events based on the amount of time you spend completing any of the predetermined activities (i.e., mindful minutes, volunteer hours, workout tracking).
  • All-Inclusive – Allows for all activity submissions (i.e., running, cycling, volunteering, yoga, meditation, sports, and wheelchair activities would all count)
  • Steps – Participants connect to a fitness tracker to track daily step counts
  • Custom / Activity Specific – An activity-specific challenge can focus on a single or group of specific wellness activities (i.e., hiking challenge, yoga, pickleball tournaments).
  • Fundraise only (coming soon) – For events where activity-tracking just doesn’t fit, think of Good Move as your mobile-app based participant center.

The Good Move application is now available to all TeamRaiser customers at no additional cost and can be added to any existing campaign or used to create an entirely new one to further engage constituents.

Soon, the ability for an organization to build and customize their own events will live within the TeamRaiser administrative portal but to get started today, follow one of the steps below:
  • For existing TeamRaiser customers interested in learning more about this feature, please contact your Customer Success Manager.
  • For any organization not already a TeamRaiser customer that is looking to further understand the power of TeamRaiser and Good Move, please click here.

What are you waiting for? Get moving with Good Move™ today!
News Blackbaud Luminate Online® Blog 03/31/2023 9:41am EDT

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