Your bbdevdays experience awaits – the agenda builder is now live 9036

Your bbdevdays experience awaits – the agenda builder is now live

bbdevdays brings together low and pro code developers of all levels, technology enthusiasts, and experts from around the world to discuss the latest developments in Blackbaud technology, share best practices, and learn about new tools and resources.

Grab your pass, build your experience!

With nearly 125 different program elements, we’ve prepared three days jam-packed with learning, code sharing, fun, and networking for you. Your peers have stepped up to share their incredible work and inspire the next wave of technology innovation for social impact.

Here are just a few of the highlights specifically suited to Luminate Online customers:
  • Membership Center and Portal
  • Roll Your Own API
  • Custom APIs and Integrations
  • Custom settings in TeamRaiser
  • Some random LO hacks we really like!
  • Ask a Luminate Online Expert

Thank you to our Sponsors without whom bbdevdays wouldn’t be possible! Make sure you make time to meet them all in our Virtual Expo Hall.

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