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A Good Volunteering Dashboard = A Good First Impression

This post reviews best practice tips on how to make your Blackbaud Employee Volunteering dashboard really pop! Help drive employees to participate in volunteer events, record their hours and see all of the great community events happening throughout your corporation.


It's time to launch your volunteerism campaign and you are almost ready to go. The posters are up, the emails are out and your intranet is buzzing with the launch. Your employees click on the link, log in and.......
Are they inspired? Are they engaged? Do they want to sign-up for your events, log their hours and do it all again?
Once they have logged in you've got them where you want them, so  MAKE IT COUNT!
How? With a gripping dashboard!
How? Follow the three Ps:
  1. Make sure it has PURPOSE
  2. Make sure it is PRETTY
  3. Make sure it is PERSONAL
Ok great. But again:


The recipe is below. And like any recipe, blindly following the directions is not going to create a gourmet dish that represents your taste, but rather the recipe is a good starting point. That is exactly what these instructions are, a good starting point.

Make sure to scroll to the bottom to see some sample dashboards.

Main Section

  • PT1: Key Content: Usually a welcome message and next steps
    • Do you need some suggestions? Check out the some suggestions here:
  • Pt2: Photo Carousel
  • Pt3: Video
  • Pt 4: Events Calendar

Right hand Side:

  • My volunteer Hours
  • Short Cut Links: Log My Independent Volunteer Activity and Redeem Rewards (Volunteer for Vacation, Dollars for Doers..)
  • Company Volunteering Goals and Hours
  • News and Information

Do you have a dashboard that you just love! Please share in the comments below. Would you like some community support and feedback on your current dashboard? Also please share! We are here for you.

All the best!

Posted by Alexis Fish on Dec 28, 2018 2:00 PM America/New_York

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