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Get Ready for SKY View with Blackbaud University

At the beginning of the pandemic, my family started a silver linings list. As good things happened or as we found silver linings, we wrote them down, so we can refer to them for encouragement on darker days.

dde345721ba082fae2b63785cda32812-huge-chSome of our list included my daughter graduating from college, adopting a puppy who has kept us all entertained and busy, enjoying more family time together, learning more Spanish, and getting healthier with our elliptical machine (which we learned was not just for hanging clothes on).

Here at Blackbaud University, we’ve celebrated all the new ways the social good space has grown and changed to fit the needs of so many in 2020 (and we know that many of these changes have been funded through all of you). We’ve also celebrated the release of the Blackbaud Grantmaking SKY View, which doesn’t require Microsoft Silverlight or the use of any specific browser or extra plugins.

I’ve attended a few of the release sessions around the new SKY View, and am working with a team of other Instructional Designers to create new Blackbaud University classes to help you start using the new interface.

During the rest of this blog, you can select your own SKY View learning adventure based on your current Blackbaud Grantmaking starting point.

Path 1: Have you completed the Blackbaud Grantmaking Fundamentals course series using the Classic View?
If not, skip to Path 2.

Great! Blackbaud University is offering a Blackbaud Grantmaking: Fundamentals - Refresher course to help you try out and get comfortable with common tasks using the new SKY View. You can also review and refresh your Blackbaud Grantmaking skills in 90 minutes with hands-on activities. Sign up quickly because this course is only being offered for a limited time, and space is limited.

Once you have increased your comfort with the new SKY View, you can certify your Blackbaud Grantmaking knowledge. The Blackbaud Grantmaking Fundamentals exam will be updated on February 1, 2021 to include questions related to the new SKY View. If you are already certified in the Classic View, you do not need to get certified again, but we highly recommend getting certified in the SKY View to certify your knowledge and skills.

Path 2: Are you new to Blackbaud Grantmaking or need to add to your Blackbaud Grantmaking skills?

Ready to dive in and learn the ins and outs of Blackbaud Grantmaking SKY View and how to accomplish tasks using Blackbaud Grantmaking tools? We recommend you take the Fundamentals series in the following order:
  1. Blackbaud Grantmaking: Fundamentals - Getting Started
  2. Blackbaud Grantmaking: Fundamentals - Requests
  3. Blackbaud Grantmaking: Fundamentals - Requirements and Payments
  4. Blackbaud Grantmaking: Fundamentals - Documents and Correspondence
Note: Additional Blackbaud Grantmaking SKY View classes will be released over the next couple of months! Keep an eye out for more announcements here in the Blackbaud Community!  

Whether you are new to Blackbaud Grantmaking, a skilled user, or a social good professional, we have trainings perfect for your skill level.
What silver linings have you identified in 2020? Please share in the comments, so we can all celebrate them together!

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I have completed the Fundamentals Course but sometime ago. I don't consider myself overly proficient. I can get around in the Grantmaking arena fairly well. Don't you have any courses on SKY for someone like me?? I understand we will have to use SKY soon and I need basic understanding of it.
Alan Schaeffer‍ - Great question! I think the Fundraising - Refresher course would be great to help you get a tour and time to try out common tasks in the SKY View. During the Refresher, you can also determine if there are a couple of Fundamentals topics that you want to dive into more, and then sign up for one of those new 90-minute classes. 
What sort of a tool is SKY? Would you describe what it is, in a nutshell? I thought it related to data on the back end.
Hi! It's a new interface that removes the need for Silverlight and makes navigation easier.