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The Grantmaking Gazette Vol. 2


Hello and welcome to the The Grantmaking Gazette!

This is the latest Blackbaud Grantmaking news on everything from current projects and initiatives to release information and much more!

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The Grantmaking Gazette

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Hello and welcome to November 2021 issue of The Grantmaking Gazette!

In This Issue

This month's post features these topics:
  • Spotlight: Grouping a Report by Date
  • Tips and Tricks: Dashboard Page Parts; Link List, Notes, Tables
  • End of the Year Extra: Advance Searches
  • Upcoming webinars/adoption sessions
  • Meet the Team
  • Ways you can share your feedback with us


Release notes come out every two weeks. When you log-in to your system the green help flyout will be open. To check out all release notes click here. Each month we will highlight a new release feature. Let’s check out this month’s below.

When creating Ad Hoc reports, you can now group by date and choose the date format and method. How do you do this? Here is the click path, and check out the screen shots below for how to do this.
When you are editing an Ad Hoc report and you are in the same area to select how you want your report sorted you are now able to click on the meatball dots to the left of the field and also select if you want your report grouped by that field.

Tips and Tricks

Straight from the folks at Blackbaud University here are this month’s tips and tricks. For more great information remember to sign-up for the Blackbaud Grantmaking classes offered by Blackbaud University. Click here to check-out the complete offering.
Under Control Panel > Settings > Manage dashboards, system administrators can modify and create specific dashboards for each user in the database. This is useful when you have someone new joining the staff and you want to set them up for success while they’re still learning your processes.
Here are some common—but important—dashboard parts to set up for new users!
  • An important Link List dashboard part containing important hyperlinks for your grantees and your staff
  • A Note dashboard part containing your application review process and step order
  • A Table dashboard part filtered on a user’s upcoming activities so they can quickly view and access current or outstanding activity

End of the year extra: Advance Searches

Here are some great Advanced Search examples from our friend Justin Finighan at Finrea in Australia. These searches for various meeting date criteria - useful if you are tracking Request data by meeting date. When used as dashboard search criteria, content will automatically rollover as each meeting date passes.

For the meeting date just gone
Requests.Meeting_Date = (Select top 1 Meeting_Date from Requests where Meeting_Date < GetDate() order by Meeting_Date DESC)

For two meeting dates ago
Requests.Meeting_Date = (Select top 1 Meeting_Date from Requests where Meeting_Date < (Select top 1 Meeting_Date from Requests where Meeting_Date < GetDate() order by Meeting_Date DESC) order by Meeting_Date DESC)

For the next meeting date (including if it is today)
Requests.Meeting_Date = (Select top 1 Meeting_Date from Requests where Meeting_Date >= GetDate () order by Meeting_Date)

For two meeting dates ahead
Requests.Meeting_Date = (Select top 1 Meeting_Date from Requests where Meeting_Date > (Select top 1 Meeting_Date from Requests where Meeting_Date >= GetDate () order by Meeting_Date) order by Meeting_Date)

For the last n meeting dates, for example the last 11 (which is a full year for Ross Trust)
Requests.Meeting_Date in (select top 11 Meeting_Date from requests where Meeting_Date < GetDate() group by Meeting_Date order by Meeting_Date DESC)

Upcoming Webinars and Available Recordings

  • Thursday, November 25th at 11am gmt.: Modern Grantmaking - a conversation with the authors Discover what the future of grantmaking looks like and join Tom Steinberg & Gemma Bull for a practical talk about their book 'Modern Grantmaking - A Guide for Funders Who Believe Better is Possible'. They'll be sharing why grantmaking reform is so important and practical tips for how you can improve your grantmaking programmes. Click here to register

  • Thursday, December 2nd at 11am est: Come hear tips and tricks from Blackbaud Grantmaking about how to complete your year-end check list. This session is part of the Blackbaud customer success adoption series. Click here to register Click here to register

  • Wednesday, December 8th at 1pm est. Come hear about how the Headwaters Foundation for Justice uses Blackbaud Software to Improve Grantmaking Impact, Efficiency, and Accountability, and You Can Too Click here to register

  • Wednesday, December 8th at 1pm est. Jean-Marc Mangin, President & CEO, Philanthropic Foundations Canada will discuss the proposed Increased Disbursement Quota Regulations and Practical Implications. Click here to register
  • Monday, December 13th at 8am pst. Blackbaud Grantmaking Open Office Hours. Come ask your questions of our Blackbaud Grantmaking experts. This is a great way to get your own questions answered and hear what is on other client’s minds. Click here to register
  • Thursday, December 16th at 1pm est. What's New and Next for Blackbaud Grantmaking: Join our Blackbaud Foundation Solution experts for an overview to see how our purpose-built solutions are perfect for your foundation or grantmaking organization. Click here to register

Meet the Team: Jason Kelliher


We want you to get to know our entire Grantmaking. Each month we will introduce you to someone working on Blackbaud Grantmaking.
Jason Kelliher is the Professional Services Team Lead and has been working at Blackbaud for 8 years.
His favorite thing about his job is working with is team to help you, our clients, maximize Blackbaud Grantmaking.
He lives in New York City and is addicted to comics, cruises, LEGO and his dachshund.

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