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The Grantmaking Gazette Vol. 3

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Hello and welcome to the The Grantmaking Gazette!

This is the latest Blackbaud Grantmaking news on everything from current projects and initiatives to release information and much more!

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The Grantmaking Gazette

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Hello and welcome to December 2021 issue of The Grantmaking Gazette!

What an amazing year it’s been for Blackbaud Grantmaking. We are thrilled you have been on this journey with us and we can’t wait for next year as we continue to have continuous technology releases. From everyone here at Blackbaud we wish you a lovely end of the year and we look forward to our continued partnership in 2022!

In This Issue

This month's post features these topics:
  • Spotlight: Sticky Views in Grantmaking
  • Tips and Tricks: Organizing Coding Sheets
  • End of the Year Extra: Advance Searches pt2
  • Upcoming webinars/adoption sessions
  • Meet the Team
  • Ways you can share your feedback with us


Release notes come out regularly. When you log-in to your system the green help flyout will be open. To check out all release notes click here. Each month we will highlight a new release feature. Let’s check out this month’s below.

List view vs. Detail view. While deciding which one you like more might be harder than deciding between pumpkin pie and peakon pie, you no longer have to choose every time you go to the workspace. The most recent release notes announced that whatever setting you are on when you close out of the system is what will be waiting for you the next time you return! Great news for those of us who are always moving between pages, and once you do decide which view you like best, that means one less click! Less clicks equal more happiness!


Tips and Tricks

Straight from the folks at Blackbaud University here are this month’s tips and tricks. For more great information remember to sign-up for the Blackbaud Grantmaking classes offered by Blackbaud University. Click here to check-out the complete offering.
Blackbaud Grantmaking Gazette Tips & Tricks – December 2021
In Blackbaud Grantmaking, under Control Panel > Classifications, system administrators can modify and reorder the Coding sheets that appear in Request, Organization, and Contact records. Establishing a consistency among these records will save time and make finding information easier for users.
Here are a couple of tips for getting started!
  • When creating a new Coding sheet, you can modify their order on record pages by clicking Coding sheet configuration.

  • From the Coding sheet configuration window, you can reorder your fields on Request, Organization, and Contact records. For Request records only, you can choose whether to make the selected required Coding sheet mandatory at the time it is created or when the Request is marked as Approved in the system.

End of the year extra: Advance Searches

Here are some great Advanced Search examples. These searches are great for thinking about what data you might need for your end of the year reporting or upcoming annual report.

Requests.ID IN (SELECT Activities.Request_ID From Activities where (Activities.Class IN (3,4) AND NOT Activities.Done_Date IS NULL)) AND Requests.ID NOT IN (SELECT Activities.Request_ID From Activities where (Activities.Class IN (3,4) AND Activities.Done_Date IS NULL))

(exists(select from Organizations as Organizationsx1 where Organizationsx1.Tax_ID = Organizations.Tax_ID and Organizations.Tax_ID <> '' and <>

Organizations that have been awarded multiple grants in a given fiscal year.
((select count( from requests as requestsX1 where requestsx1.disposition = 'Approved' and requestsx1.Grant_Fiscal_Year = 2008 And requestsx1.organization_id = requests.organization_id group by Requestsx1.organization_ID) > 1)

Displays all Approved Requests older than 1 year that are "active" and have a balance greater than 0 and have not had a payment in over 1 year.
Requests.Disposition_Date < '06/13/2012' AND Requests.Disposition = 'Approved' AND Requests.Balance <> 0 AND (Requests.Status_ID in (5279,582,5256,5267,5077,5232,5220,5244)) AND (Requests.ID NOT in (select Payments.Request_ID from Payments where Payments.Status_ID = 122 And Payments.Payment_Date > (GetDate()) - 365))
Displays All approved requests with a balance of 0, that do not have a final report turned in.
Activities.Type_ID = 526 AND Activities.Received_Date IS NULL

Upcoming Webinars

  • Track your Grantmaking Relationship Networks using Affiliations and Roles – This is part of the quarterly Blackbaud Grantmaking Adoption session series. January 11th at 11am est. Click here to register
  • Annual Report Best Practices – Hear from current BBGM clients about how they plan for and create their annual report. January 11th at 1pm est. Registration link to come

Available Webinar Recordings: Blackbaud Grantmaking Globally

  • Modern Grantmaking - a conversation with the authors Discover what the future of grantmaking looks like and join Tom Steinberg & Gemma Bull for a practical talk about their book 'Modern Grantmaking - A Guide for Funders Who Believe Better is Possible'. They'll be sharing why grantmaking reform is so important and practical tips for how you can improve your grantmaking programmes. Download a copy here
  • Hear about how the Headwaters Foundation for Justice uses Blackbaud Software to Improve Grantmaking Impact, Efficiency, and Accountability, and You Can Too Download a copy here
  • Jean-Marc Mangin, President & CEO, Philanthropic Foundations Canada will discuss the proposed Increased Disbursement Quota Regulations and Practical Implications. Download a copy here

Meet the Team: Vin St John

We want you to get to know our entire Grantmaking. Each month we will introduce you to someone working on Blackbaud Grantmaking.

Vin St. John is the Senior Project Manager for Blackbaud Grantmaking.
His favorite thing about his job is working with the development teams to build products that enable you, our clients, to reach their philanthropic mission.

He lives in New Jersey, USA and a fun fact about Vin is that he used to work at a video game making company.

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