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GIFTS Online And Blackbaud Outcomes

GIFTS Online and the Powerful Impact of Data
This is the first of many ongoing blog posts about GIFTS Online, focusing mainly on the powerful capabilities found on the Dashboard.
This first week we are talking about the splashy and fancy, latest and greatest addition to GIFTS Online called Blackbaud Outcomes. I am so excited about Blackbaud Outcomes! 
What is Blackbaud Outcomes? It is a way to systematically collect reporting data points from applicants and then have that data displayed in a fast and easy-to-read report, kind of like an easy-bake cake mix that comes out tasting fantastic. Blackbaud Outcomes enables you to spend less time organizing the data and more time working with the results.
I love data. For me data is just like cake.  Eating the cake is amazing, but figuring out all of the ingredients and waiting for my cake to bake is a pain in the neck. By using Blackbaud Outcomes you’ll have access to the boxed cake recipe of Blackbaud Outcomes, or you can customize your data collection and add your own special flour, milk, eggs, and dash of cinnamon or anything else that you want in your cake. Blackbaud Outcomes makes your recipe fool-proof by providing automatic charts and graphs so the finished product of your baking is always a lovely looking ‘cake’.
The data collected by using Blackbaud Outcomes is displayed in easy-to-read reports that are accessed through the Dashboard. And since this is a blog about the Dashboard in GIFTS Online, let’s take a deeper dive into the Blackbaud Outcomes Dashboard Reports.
Seeing the data in the Dashboard is easy as 1, 2, 3.
  1. Click onto a Dashboard tab and select the Outcomes Progress Updates Dashboard part.
  2. Click on the hyperlink in the page part to see up-to-date charting of your data. Data is available in two different formats; as a summary or as progress updates.
  3.  Click into the data to drill down to see specific information.
Blackbaud Outcomes Data Reporting
The two main types of data output are displayed as the Summary Dashboard and the Outcomes Progress Updates. In the Summary Dashboard you can get a higher level view of the social impact that your organization is making based on the reports coming in from your applicants.


The second data display is the Outcomes Progress Updates. This view enables you to easily keep track of who has reported data.
These two views work together to enable accurate reporting of the social impact your dollars are having. As you can see, using Blackbaud Outcomes on your Dashboard is a piece of cake!

For more information about how to implement Outcomes on your GO System please contact mailbox or check out the release notes at:  
Also please check out the product page for an overview of Blackbaud Outcomes:

Posted by Alexis Fish on Mar 29, 2016 10:10 AM America/New_York