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What Is The MyCommunity Page?

Have you noticed that when you log into Facebook or LinkedIn, you start your experience on a dashboard page? These dashboard pages are the hub of your Facebook or LinkedIn experience. Well, the Blackbaud Community has a similar experience. It's called MyCommunity and can be found on the top of any page in the community.


The MyCommunity page is designed to help you navigate and manage your complete Blackbaud Community experience.

Let's take a look at each of the sections.

What's New in the Blackbaud Community
At the top of the MyCommunity page is a scrolling block, filled with featured content from around the Blackbaud Community. The Community Managers update this block every week to help share fun, fresh content from around the site.

Blogs, Members, Discussions, Oh my!

This section is to get you started in Community by pointing you to great content, ongoing discussions, and guiding you to members, such as yourself, looking to build connections in Community.


Leaderboard Status and Points!

Off to the left of the dashboard, you'll see your Community profile photo and underneath it, your current leaderboard status. Just underneath that is the number of points you've earned in Community. Congrats!


Want to learn how to earn points in Community and raise your status? Click here!

Who are the members in Community you want to connect with? Check them out in the weekly leaderboard section!

Under that, you have all of your bookmarks and in the middle of the page you have your topics. These are all the forums you started and the responses to them!
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