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Holly's Helpful Hints: What Is The MyCommunity Page?

Have you noticed that when you log into Facebook or LinkedIn, you start your experience on a dashboard page? These dashboard pages are the hub of your Facebook or LinkedIn experience. Well, the Blackbaud Community has a similar experience. It's called MyCommunity and can be found on the top of any page in the community.


The MyCommunity page is designed to help you navigate and manage your complete Blackbaud Community experience.
Let's take a look at each of the sections.

What's New in the Blackbaud Community
On the top left of the MyCommunity page is a scrolling block, filled with featured content from around the Blackbaud Community. The Community Managers update this block every week to help share fun, fresh content from around the site. Click on the title of the content or the "more" link to see featured content.


Located to the right of the "What's New" section, the welcome section is where you manage the nuts and bolts of Community life. From here you can: 
* Edit your community profile
* View all your community connections and their recent activity
* Update your site subscriptions (options here will change, based on what products you've selected)
* Set up notification settings
* And review and update your privacy settings on the site
You can also access and update your account.


My Products, My Groups, My Bookmarks
Below the "What's New" section is a series of blocks that help you navigate to parts of the Community that you have told us you are interested in. The first block is the "My Products" block. From here you can navigate to any of the product communities that you have joined. You can also edit/update your product selection.

The My Groups block will only appear if you are a member of a group in the Blackbaud Community. Right now, we don't have a ton of groups available, but we have something pretty awesome in the pipeline that will make this block super important very soon.

The My Bookmarks block collects all of the content you bookmark through the site. You may have noticed the "bookmark" option on discussion posts or blog posts throughout the site. When you choose that option, all those bookmarks are collected and organized in this block.


My Community Activity and Points
Here you can see what level you are in the Blackbaud Community, how many points you have, and six suggested actions to help you earn more points and "level up" in the community. Keep an eye on this area, as there is a ton of cool stuff to come.


My Activity
The My Activity section, located below the "My Community Activity and Points" section, is a running digest of all the major actions you take in the Blackbaud Community. Having trouble finding a conversation you replied to last week? Check your My Activity log!


Thank you so much for being super awesome community members. Got questions? Post them here.
Posted by Holly Herbert on Aug 25, 2016 3:48 PM America/New_York