How To Earn Points In Community

Did you know every time you take actions in the Blackbaud Community, you are earning points? As the points rack up you get badges for your actions and your community rank.

Point values may change at the Community Manager's discretion, depending on the needs of Community. All point changes will be announced to the Community.

Here is a list of the actions in the Blackbaud Community and their current points values:


Got questions?  Post them here.

Read on to learn more about what the badges mean
Blog Community News 06/08/2017 2:19pm EDT

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Joan Perry Joan Perry Jun '17
We have a not so pleasant name for a friend who is all about her hotel points...but at least going after these points makes me feel like I'm adding to my professional network...right?!?!?
That's the idea, Joan! Unlike hotel points, you don't redeem community points for anything. It's all about establishing yourselves as experts in the space!
Jun '17
Thanks, Holly! I'm new to the Blackbaud community and to fundraising. This post was helpful as I try to figure out how to learn and grow in this new world. Being a part of the Blackbaud community will certainly help!
Thank you for this Holly. It is most helpful and import to keep us all continuing to connect and professionally network within the community. 
Thanks, Holly! Do you have a page or post that talks about guidelines for writing and submitting a blog post?
Not yet, Jennifer! But that's an awesome idea! Look for a post about blogging in the next couple of weeks. 
Eeek! Good luck everyone! :)
Jeff Seidl Jeff Seidl Jul '17
Thanks Holly, good to know and not have it be a guessing game!
Holly, thank you for your helpful hints. They truly are helpful!!
roger berg roger berg Aug '17
Is it just me or does it seem odd that you get more points for replying to someone else's post than you do for starting a new discussion? Just wondering.
Hi Roger, that's a great question. The reason we valued responses higher than questions is that it takes more effort to help someone else through a response than it does to start a new discussion of your own. This way we incentivize community members helping community members as much as possible. :)
How can I get my badge for attending BBCon 2016?  Thanks!
Annette, we have turned off the 2016 bbcon attendee badge option at this point (so we don't confuse it with our 2017 badges). If you will be at bbcon this year, you can claim the 2017 badge here:
This is great to know! Thanks for this post, Holly!
Do submissions to Idea banks count?  If not, I think those should count for something :o)
Zar, we'd love to be able to count idea bank submissions in our gamification, but our idea banks operate on a tool outside of the Community platform, so we can't gamify them.
I know I am BB certified, how do I connect that badge to my profile. I did it in 2016 and haven't re-done it, so does that make a difference?
Thanks for the tips!
Judy Ramos Judy Ramos Apr '18
Helpful tips and I'm learning more about the resources here.
Upload a photo means like, to a community discussion, right? Not like my profile photo? Or maybe it does mean my profile photo, not helpful batch screenshots. hmm.