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How To Earn Points In Community

Did you know every time you take actions in the Blackbaud Community, you are earning points? As the points rack up you get badges for your actions and your community rank.

Point values may change at the Community Manager's discretion, depending on the needs of Community. All point changes will be announced to the Community.

Here is a list of the actions in the Blackbaud Community and their current points values:


Got questions? Post them here.

Read on to learn more about what the badges mean.
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I’m just a new member here please ?

How do you earn an Event Badge? I have RSVP to Events and attended Events, but I haven't seen this badge reached yet. Thanks

Tara Cain Tara Cain Aug '22

Barbara, I would check with the Community Manager for your products to confirm that your badge(s) can be updated.

Update 6/15/22: The points for the Boost your Badges aren't reflected here, but they are 300 for a reply and 600 for a question!

Why are the points here separate from the challenges?

Hey perhaps this points/activity table should be updated for 2021 points awards. It's out of date. :)

How much you use the product (actions taken in your purchased products) should count, not just dorking around with profiles and message boards. ?

@Rebecca Greer trying to find a way to incorporate Community points from within the product is an interesting idea to add to our points board. We'll have to think on this one.

If the point amounts change and the points required go up, do those with the badge earned with the previous point system keep the badge or do they need to re-earn it?

Tara Brown Tara Brown Mar '21
How do I get my RE Fundamentals and Professional badges to show up on my profile?

I have the link but it won't update - just says that I need to make a selection but the box is already selected.

Hi Tara,
Usually those links to claim your certification badges are included in the congratulatory email they send you. If they were not, or you no longer have that email, you can contact Blackbaud University at and they will send you the link.
This is great! Thank you for sharing this with us.
Rewards! Love me some reward points! 
Hi Arthur Bryman BCREPRO‍,  an email is sent to you from BBU after you complete your certification.  Within the email is the link to your certification badge. If you cannot find that email, please go to training chat and ask them for the badge (They have access to your certification status).  Congratulations on your certification!!  Training:

Nancy Kierstead‍, Congratulations on being a 2019 K-12 Conference Speaker.  To claim your badge: On the main navigation > click on conferences> K-12 Conference> K-12 Speakers.  Please private message me if you have further questions.
How do we claim the badges for K12 2019 speakers?
Art Bryman Art Bryman Dec '19
How do I claim a Certified Pro badge?
I would like to help those members who have Raiser's Edge on-site hosted, with questions they have regarding receipting, e-receipting, how to avoid mail-merges and how to make your Business Rules really work for you.  Please ask and I will see if I have answers...Speak soon! Art
Thank you for sharing how points are earned!
AnnMarie Schell‍ Welcome as a new Target Analytics customer. I want to make sure you get answers to your questions.  The best place to post your question is in the Target Analytics Community.  This will get you replies from your peers.   If you would like an answer from Blackbaud Support simply scroll to the bottom of any page in the Community and click on Customer Support.

Hope this is helpful!
A Member of the Community Management Team 
Thank you for the information on points. I'm trying to earn some badges and make connections.
Can someone offer simple definitions of ProspectPoint, ResearchPoint, WealthPoint, and Affluence Insight? I get the impression they are all applications under the Target Analytics umbrella? I am a new ResearchPoint user, and not sure what is an add-on, like MapPoint, or a separate database, like Raiser's Edge.
Beth Gibney‍ yes, but in everyone's favor - we've raised some point values for some actions (like adding a profile pic and/or making friends) and will re-evaluate these actions to raise points. We'll post a new blog once points have been updated :-)
Have these points changed since this was posted?