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How To Have A Rock Star Community Profile!

It is important to be a human in the Community. Here is an example of an awesome member, Elizabeth Johnson, and her profile in Community.

One of the best ways to show off your human-ness is to have a strong profile in the community.

There are several different schools of thought when it comes to creating and managing an online profile. It's a journey to find a good balance between showcasing your personality as well as your professionalism.

Updating your profile picture can portray your humanness and share your personality.

Why profile pictures are important:

People who ask questions in the Community that have a profile picture are more likely to get answers than people who don't have profile pictures. They're also more likely to receive friend requests to help grow their professional network.

People like to talk to other people.

First, upload a profile picture. Here is how!

Want to snazz it up? Click HERE.

Your profile picture is quite literally your face in the Blackbaud Community. It's the image that is associated with every comment, like, and post. So, choosing a profile picture that represents you is important.

Now that you have a snazzy new picture, join the conversations in The Tap: Just for Fun to show it off!
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Great suggestions, thank you Holly!

Thank you! What are some things you would recommend we put in our Bio? Is there a balance between work and personal you would like to see?

Very well done, I like seeing pictures ?
I have enjoyed all the tutorials, I call it, when Im completed with one, "My educational moment of Brain Power".
Thanks Holly!
Gary Pratt Gary Pratt Nov '19
If you think it is expensive now, wait until it is free.
Great tips, thanks!
Great information! 
Good article. Thank you!
I also had not realized I had not uploaded a profile picture, looking forward to more connections now!
Excellent article!
Great advice, thanks!
Pictures create a connection that the grey blank does not; it allows for a more informal approach and branding.  Thanks!
"Time flies faster than fruit flies." Anonymous
I have learned to be more flexible in life. Why?  Because the more flexible I am, the less likely I am to become bent out of shape!
Lisa Starr Lisa Starr Jan '19
This gets me through a tough day:  Don't try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and annoys the pig.
Thanks, I finally did it. I uploaded my picture.

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