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How To Earn Points/Badges/Authority Levels In Community

Many of you have taken actions in the community to earn you points.

Have you noticed the "My Community Activity Level and Points" section of the MyCommunity page? It looks something like this:


The Authority level badge indicates your level in the community and is determined by the number of points you have. There are nine authority levels in the community. They are (from highest to lowest):
  • Community Icon
  • Community Hero
  • Community Legend
  • Community Leader
  • Community Visionary
  • Community Expert
  • Community Strategist
  • Community Novice
  • Community Rookie

You can find all these badges and how many points it takes to earn them, along with explanations of all the other badges in the community, in our community badge glossary.

You can also find out what authority level your connections have by visiting their profiles. Their Authority level badge appears under their profile pic.
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Kim Losch Kim Losch Mar '23

Thank you

So helpful! Thanks for posting!

can you tell me how to get certifications to show on your page?

I too have received new certifications and followed the steps in my email to have them added to my profile but they will not post to my profile or my achievements.

Lia Wilson Lia Wilson Jan '20
I have just recently completely my Professional certification level, and I was trying to find out what steps I need to take to make sure it's listed on my profile. Help please! :)
Hello! I have a question about adding badges, specifically for my BB and BB Pro certifications. I earned the certifications under my previous Blackbaud ID (at my last job). BB Support was able to get all of my trainings/certifications moved onto my new BB ID Transcript, but I'm not sure how to add those badges to my community profile retroactively or if that's possible. Thank you!
Hi Ray, 
I didn't attend BBU in 2018. Can it be removed? I am sorry, if I listed it wrong.

Hi Diana Turner‍  - I't looks like you have a BBU attendee badge - not the same as bbcon.  You have the 2019 bbcon badge as a registered atendee.
Holly, I have a bbcon attendee badge for 2018, which appeared on my page, but I did not attend. 2019 bbcon will be my first one. Do you know what I should do to remove it?
Too bad points didn't translate from the previous forums - I was in the top 10 for a while :)
Thanks for this explanation!
Holly I just figured it out, thank you!
Sweet Holly, I tried to send you a comment on your profile but where it says Leave Comment - was just frozen.  So, I have completed all my badges except one, the blue circle Response one - it doesn't have any triangles.  Where do I find the discussions or lists to post a comment on to complete it?  I have been leaving comments and etc. on blogs, but where are the places to post to complete this one?  Hopeless in Texas...
Sara Olson Sara Olson Jul '19
I also have completed/earned a few badges and I also do not know how to put them on my profile. Can anybody help me on this?
Hey Gary Wise‍ - That was very wise of you to ask here.  Have a look at your account, I have updated the badge for you.
Gary Wise Gary Wise Jun '19
Holly, i attended BBCON 2018, but still do not have my badge. How do I go about getting my badge for BBCON 2018?
Great explanation--thank you!
Thanks for help!
Thought I was "written on someone's wall" for my badges, yet it hasn't changed.  Any ideas?

I am having the hardest time finding Polls to earn those Pollster badges. 
I love the badges and want more and more, cool marketing concept.