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Badge Quest 3: Raiders Of The Lost Badges



Calling all Community Ninjas in Training!!

Badge Quest 3: Raiders of the Lost Badges.. is here!

It's the final Badge Quest challenge to earn a Community Ninja badge and a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card (where allowed by law.) The contest runs until 5pm est on June 29th.

The final scroll reveals the last set of badge challenges - along with a BRAND NEW badge!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CLICK HERE TO START BADGE QUEST THREE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

A few tips for this final challenge:
  • The new Scout badge you can earn by successfully inviting someone to join community. You can invite people in your organization to join by clicking HERE. Invite people to Community is always an option in the dropdown menu under "Members" at the top of the page as well. You will receive the Scout badge if the person joins Community, not just for inviting them, they have to accept. 
  • Energizer Badge: The Community is FULL of great blogs. Each product page has two blogs - a tips and tricks blog & an announcements blog. The Best Practices page also has a series of blogs you can comment on. Check them out and leave comments to earn this badge! You can also read more about members in the Community spotlight HERE and leave comments based on fun facts you've learned about them in their spotlight. Hint: these are also great members to connect with!
  • Connector Badge: It is really easy to build connections in Community! Have you checked out our filtering options in the Members Section of Community? You can narrow members down by organization type, location, certifications, etc. I also recommend friending all of our Lifetime Leaders and members who make the leaderboard each week.
  • Facilitator: There is a great tab in the product communities that allow you to filter by questions that have no responses, jump in and help out if you can! You can also chime in on Best Practice conversations. Those questions are usually based around generic nonprofit best practices. 
  • Penpal: This is an easy one to achieve! If you connect with a member, just drop a note on their wall saying hi. Communicating with your Community Managers is easy too, if you post on MY WALL or SHANNON'S WALL - we'll see your message. 
I hope you've enjoyed the Badge Quest challenges! Completing quests 1,2, and 3 will earn you the coveted Community Ninja Badge.

It's never too late to get started. Here are the past quests:

Quest One: Chamber of Badges
Quest Two: Fellowship of the Badges

Earn the badges and then click the button of all knowing at the bottom of the pages. That's very important!

NINJA BADGES: The Ninja badges will be awarded at the end of each day. We have to double check all the actions taken to make sure we don't have any sneaky non-ninjas. 

Ninjas will now appear in our Community Leaderboard as well - it's important for the Community to see that you've completed all the challenges and you know your way around. Community Ninjas will also receive 100 bonus Community points. 

Did you earn Ninja status?? Congrats! Let us know in the comments below!

Posted by Crystal Bruce on Jun 4, 2018 11:14 AM America/New_York

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Heh.  Sneaky non-ninjas...  :)
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 11:29 AM EDT
Oh - no way I can start this week - Next week though!!!
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 11:31 AM EDT
GO GET 'EM, Ninjas-In-Training! 
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 11:40 AM EDT
This is great, such a fun way to engage in the community!
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 11:41 AM EDT
Got 4 of them!  Time to be a Scout!
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 12:01 PM EDT
Yay!  I'm ready for Quest 3!
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 12:06 PM EDT
LET"S GO FOLKS! Almost there! 
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 12:07 PM EDT
Nice. I'm having an issue with my connectors badge.  I have 39 connections, but I'm only level three... the badge glossary says level 5 is 20+  Am I doing something wrong? 
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 12:11 PM EDT
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 12:41 PM EDT
Ninja status here we go!
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 12:48 PM EDT
I really want that Ninja!  These quests have really helped me get more active and connected to the community.
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 12:58 PM EDT
How will we know if someone accepts our invitation?
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 01:20 PM EDT
Nearing the end! Just a few more things before I attain Ninja status.
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 01:14 PM EDT
If someone accepts your invite and joins Community - the Scout badge appears. That way, you know it was a success!
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 01:23 PM EDT
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 01:26 PM EDT
I am ready to become a ninja. Just one more badge to get, scout!
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 01:39 PM EDT
Scout is a tricky one, we know! Remember: you can always invite someone who isn't a Blackbaud user. We have a thriving Best Practices section that anyone who works for a non-profit can utilize. :-)
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 01:41 PM EDT
Oh, no! I think I'll be competing with someone else on the Manateam to get that Scout achievement, there are only a couple people here that haven't joined already. I'll just have to be quick. :)
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 01:58 PM EDT
Super excited for Badge Quest 3! I've soooooo enjoyed these challenges; I hope there are more to follow:)
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 02:01 PM EDT
No more Badge Quests after this one, but we WILL be announcing some exciting new features in Community soon. PLUS, more contests! There will also be a side quest in a few weeks for Raiders of the Lost Badges. :-)
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 02:21 PM EDT
Invitations sent. Holding breath someone makes me a Scout...
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 02:50 PM EDT
I will finally see my ninja badge tomorrow! I should start buying my ninja gear! 
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 03:10 PM EDT
Add one comment for my comment badges. :)
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 03:15 PM EDT
Will the scout badge be given out retroactively if you've already invited your staff to join... and they did?  :)
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 03:26 PM EDT
Mad kudos to Crystal and Shannon for coming up with a great contest!!
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 03:30 PM EDT
Good question, George. The Scout badge isn't retroactive, so if you invited someone and they accepted - you can email me their name & the date you invited them, I can double check and then award the badge. :-)
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 03:30 PM EDT
Woot woot! Keep going everyone!

Image result for yay meme
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 03:56 PM EDT
This epic Community trilogy is almost complete!
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 04:00 PM EDT
I'm sneaky, but I completed all three this time.  heheh :)    I thoroughly enjoyed these quests.  The project accomplished it's goal concerning my participation and I can only imagine it has done wonders for the community as a whole.
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 04:29 PM EDT
Oops, I think something went wrong. I misremembered one of my badges and clicked the Button of All Knowing, and it said "You're a ninja!", etc., and added me to the list - but my Connector and Penpal badges aren't high enough level!
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 05:16 PM EDT
I'm a stealthy Ninja :)
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 05:40 PM EDT
Does it count if you have already completed a successful invite to the Community, or does it have to be a new one since that Badge was created?  That might be my sticking point with this challenge...
  • Posted Mon 04 Jun 2018 10:45 PM EDT
Ninja Time!
  • Posted Tue 05 Jun 2018 10:00 AM EDT
Image result for raiders of the lost ark gif
Indy would be proud!
  • Posted Tue 05 Jun 2018 10:03 AM EDT
I have invited some people in the past who joined, but I don't know exactly when.
  • Posted Tue 05 Jun 2018 10:12 AM EDT
Okay I definitely accidentally got on the completed list too early. I'm going to have to work fast to get my badges up so I can rightfully claim the participation trophies. :) I guess the Button of All Knowing had a loophole for me!
  • Posted Tue 05 Jun 2018 11:16 AM EDT
question - how long after someone joins the community after you invite them does their name come up in member search?
  • Posted Tue 05 Jun 2018 01:31 PM EDT
I've never timed it Joanne - did they join and you are still not seeing them?
  • Posted Tue 05 Jun 2018 01:34 PM EDT
SO MUCH IS HAPPENING with this Badge Quest! I LOVE IT!
  • Posted Tue 05 Jun 2018 01:39 PM EDT
Come on, elusive Scout Badge!!
  • Posted Tue 05 Jun 2018 01:51 PM EDT
So excited for that Ninja badge! 
  • Posted Tue 05 Jun 2018 03:07 PM EDT
I think I should already have a Scout badge, but it isn't showing.  Can someone check into this? THANKS!
  • Posted Wed 06 Jun 2018 11:27 AM EDT
Ah! I'm going to be so sad when this is over!
  • Posted Thu 07 Jun 2018 02:08 PM EDT
Had so much fun.  Thanks for the opportunity!!
  • Posted Fri 08 Jun 2018 01:35 PM EDT
I'm SO close to being a ninja - just need my Scout badge!!
  • Posted Mon 11 Jun 2018 03:34 PM EDT
Once a Ninja, always a Ninja! Bring on my Ninja badge :) 
  • Posted Tue 12 Jun 2018 11:57 AM EDT
I've sent out three invitations, and at least one of the people says they didn't get theirs.  Are there any issues with the invitations that you are aware of?  Thanks!
  • Posted Wed 13 Jun 2018 10:46 AM EDT
I did the invitation too and the person I sent to accepted, but no new scout badge yet. :-(

  • Posted Wed 13 Jun 2018 12:13 PM EDT
Woot! Ninja status acquired!
  • Posted Wed 13 Jun 2018 06:11 PM EDT
I'm ridiculously excited to be a Ninja!
  • Posted Thu 14 Jun 2018 09:39 AM EDT
Wanna be a Ninja!  For Scout badge, how will we know if someone accepts? - Stacy
  • Posted Thu 14 Jun 2018 09:42 AM EDT
Yay! Although I've invited many to the community I've never gone the official route - that was all I needed to be a Ninja - can't wait to look back tomorrow and see my fierce ninja badge!
  • Posted Thu 14 Jun 2018 09:42 AM EDT
I can't wait until we're all ninjas! Hiya!
  • Posted Fri 15 Jun 2018 03:21 PM EDT
OOH! I was out of the country on a short vacation, when Quest 3 came out. I'm on it! Looking forward to challenging myself and to navigate around the community! Thanks for this great opportunity to learn more in a fun way.
  • Posted Mon 18 Jun 2018 10:53 AM EDT
Achieving Scout Level 1 - Not sure how to accomplish this task. I clicked on "Invite Someone to Join the Community" then typed in their email addresses. Nothing shows up as a badge so not sure if I did this correctly. HELP! Thanks Lynn :)  
  • Posted Wed 20 Jun 2018 11:55 AM EDT
I'm on my way to ninja!
  • Posted Thu 15 Nov 2018 02:27 PM EST
the link to level 3 challenges takes you to the holiday stuff... :/
  • Posted Fri 30 Nov 2018 10:21 AM EST
Jeanna Dawson‍
  • Posted Fri 30 Nov 2018 10:57 AM EST