Blackbaud Hosting Services FAQ: Passwords

This post covers the most common questions we receive regarding the passwords for accessing the Blackbaud Hosting Services environment.


What are the password requirements for Blackbaud Hosting Services?

  • They cannot contain all or part of the user’s first name, last name or account name
  • The must be at least 8 characters in length
  • They cannot be one of the user’s 10 previous passwords
  • They cannot contain hyphens
  • They must contain characters from three of the four following categories:

    • English uppercase characters (A through Z)
    • English lowercase characters (a through z)
    • Base 10 digits (0 through 9)
    • Non-alphabetic characters (e.g. $, #, %)

How often do passwords expire?

Citrix passwords expire and must be reset every 90 days. Beginning 75 days after you set your password, a Logon Message screen will prompt you to change your password each time that you log on to the Blackbaud Hosting Services web portal. After 90 days, the password must be reset. If you do not change your password before 90 days pass, the Change Password frame will appear when you log on and you will be required to change your password. If you are being prompted to reset the password


How to I reset my password?

The password for the Hosting Services portal can be reset either through the Hosting User Administration area or through the website. For details on both of these options, including short demo videos, please see the Knowledgebase solution, How to reset a Blackbaud Hosting Services user’s password (includes demo).

Note: If you receive any errors while resetting the password, please confirm that it meets the password requirements listed at the beginning of this post.
Is there a way to reduce the number of passwords needed?

Users of our Edge products (The Raiser’s Edge, The Financial Edge, and The Education Edge) can reduce the number of logins by using Windows Authentication.  This option authenticates against the Citrix credentials and launches the hosted application.

To set this up, each user must have a unique Citrix username/password, as well as a username/password in the hosted application.  If users do not already have their own unique Citrix credentials, please review the Knowledgebase solution, How to add or delete a Blackbaud Hosting Services user (includes video).


Are you new to the hosting environment or a new administrative user? Sign up for our free Hosting Webinar! In the meantime, you may also find it helpful to reference the New to Hosting Set Up section of our How-To Page for Blackbaud Hosting Services.

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