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Integrate With Strava For Fitness Tracking


Designed for your all your walkers, runners, cyclists, Peloton addicts, and more, the Strava Integration with JustGiving allows your fitness fans to stay active while raising more money.

695c0b601e832b6edc1fe834471cc31e-huge-stWhether they like to walk, run, cycle or swim, connecting their Strava to their personal fundraising page allows your supporters to share their training pics, maps and miles.​ Perfect for launching a simple virtual event, our Strava integration means you can publish a campaign today asking people to make their miles count for your cause.

Fundraisers can get started in 3 easy steps:
  1. Create a personal fundraising page
  2. Download Strava on their mobile phone and create an account
  3. Connect Strava to their fundraising page

Fitness tracking can unlock more potential for your cause. There’s huge power in uniting people virtually around an activity to improve your supporter experience and to raise more money. Fitness tracking is useful for fundraising because it:
  • Opens up your event fundraising to a bigger pool of people – events can be run virtually, so wherever people are, whatever their fitness level, they can take part
  • Helps people raise more money – Fundraisers who share fitness activities tend to raise more money than those who don’t (40% more on average)
  • More likely to activate – No matter the event or type of activity your supporter wants to do, our stats show that if they post fitness updates they’re more likely to get at least one donation.
  • Encourages sharing – Our user research shows that people can feel self-conscious about posting too much on social media asking for donations. Sharing fitness activity updates gives them more opportunities to talk about their fundraising. Those who post training updates between 11 and 50 times have the highest activation rates, indicating that those individuals have the greatest commitment levels.
  • Taps into a consumer behavior that is already happening and growing - Strava has 42 million users and adds 1 million more each month

Getting started is easy for fundraisers. Once they set up a Strava Account, they just need to connect it with their personal fundraising page.

Updates will feed into the personal page automatically and fundraisers can choose to also push those updates through to Facebook. Fundraisers can disconnect from the app at any time.

Now, more than ever, is a great time to consider fitness tracking. With so many in-person events cancelled or postponed this spring, the Strava integration allows your supporters to maintain their training schedules or clock in the miles as it works for their schedule. Additionally, you can host a Virtual Event where everyone can complete the 5k in their neighborhood, tracking the miles through the Strava app and showcasing it on their personal page.

To see it in action, create a free Strava account today!
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