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  • Free Template: DIY Birthday Campaign
    Free Templates: DIY Birthday Campaigns
    Here's something to celebrate!  With everydayhero Pro you can create unlimited campaigns, and now we have free templates you can use to create your next campaign! More and more individuals are deciding to donate their birthday to their favorite cause, collecting donations in lieu of birthday gifts.  It's a wonderful way to commemorate a milestone ... more
  • computers
    Using email to steward your supporters
    How many unread emails do you have in your personal inbox right now? Two digits worth? Three? Email Deliverability is a HOT topic over the past few years as email service providers continued to provide value to their subscribers, which could be at the cost of your email being placed in their inbox. If you are trying to build email strategy for your ... more
  • BBU Image
    Feeling The Ripple Effect
    My children recently had “Kindness Week” at school. During this time, students are encouraged to spread kindness through random acts—by paying someone a compliment or lending a hand, for example. My daughter chose to write a letter to my son’s teacher, thanking her for teaching him all year. I found out about the letter when the teacher wrote me an ... more
  • Frustration
    I Need HELP!
    I get it, there is a lot of information out there and sometimes, it is just easiest to take a deep breath and talk to the expert. In June 2019, charities like yours can get the help they need from Blackbaud's award winning Customer Support team. You’ll need your log in in order to get in touch with support. Chat with Support : Available 8:30 ... more
  • graduation
    Launch Your First University Giving Day
    Are you a university or school that is just getting started with annual giving days? It can be overwhelming to know where to start but don't worry, we have your back.  more