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Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising, Powered by JustGiving Blog.
Take Your Basic Campaign Page To The Next Level 7822

You can create an unlimited number of campaign pages through JustGiving, but do you ever wish you could have more flexibility in the overall design elements? Want to then leverage that page more strategically with Facebook Ads or a more strategic email appeal? Check out how our affordable upgrades elevate your design, integrate your social media, and ...

Amplify your Voice this GivingTuesday  7821

Trying to stand out in the noise this GivingTuesday? Take a look at how JustGiving can help you get your message out there, by empowering some of your biggest fans to win people over.

New Coaching Emails Released 7782

We have a dedicated team of email experts who aim to boost fundraising activity through creating and sending lifecycle emails. They have designed a series of communications aimed at coaching the individuals who have created a personal fundraising page connected to your campaign. These are now live and being sent to your supporters on your behalf.

Raise more with Coaching: Workbook & Session 7778

It is proven: organizations that coach their fundraisers will raise more. Get your free, downloadable workbook and make a coaching communication plan for your next peer-to-peer event. While you are at it, join us for next week's session " Summer School: Ways to Ace Peer-to-Peer Fundraising " to hear more expert tips on coaching, what and how to coach.

Easily Empower Passionate Supporters With The Canadian Launch Of Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising 7755

With the rise of social, mobile, and crowdfunding technologies, individuals are more empowered than ever to leverage their networks and make a big impact on the causes that are most important to them – whether on an organizational or individual level. With a reported decline in revenue across 55% of charities in Canada in 2020 alone, this new set of ...