Just Published: Fundraiser Toolkit to help organizations promote DIY fundraising 6935

Just Published: Fundraiser Toolkit to help organizations promote DIY fundraising

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When a volunteer signs up to fundraise on behalf of your nonprofit, they are giving you something huge: access to their friends and family. They believe in your mission so whole-heartedly they are willing to ask their network to support your work. Wow! Such a gift deserves support and assistance; signing up to fundraise does not equal knowing how to fundraise.

Many organizations teach their volunteer fundraisers how to fundraise through coaching. A common means for nonprofits to coach volunteer fundraisers is through a “volunteer fundraiser toolkit”. What follows is a sample toolkit you can give your volunteer fundraisers.

How to use this guide

This guide is intended to be a document that a nonprofit organization, engaged in peer-to-peer fundraising, can download and update with their organization’s information and then share with volunteer fundraisers.  We recommend sharing via email and/or the organization’s website. You can also hyperlink this guide in the Story of your JustGiving campaign. The document can be accessed as a zip drive with corresponding photos or a simple PDF.
  • First, let’s get organized in our terminology
    • Volunteer Fundraiser: an individual who has agreed to fundraise, on a volunteer basis on behalf of your organization
    • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: a style of fundraising in which individuals ask their network to support organizations and causes they care about
    • Peer-to-Peer Campaign: a specific online page, typically lead by a nonprofit organization, in which the nonprofit asks their supporters to become volunteer fundraisers
    • Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising™, powered by JustGiving™: a tool for individuals and organizations to design peer to peer fundraising campaigns
  • How to use this guide:
    • Anything highlighted in TURQOISE IN ALL CAPS is intended to be a place where you fill in your nonprofit’s information.
    • Anything highlighted in GREEN IN ALL CAPS is intended to be a place where your volunteer fundraiser will fill in the information
    • There are portions of this guide that don’t make sense to be a “fill in the blank” style tool. Instead, we recommend you take the time to create a few items for your volunteer fundraiser guide to make it unique to your organization. This could be brand guidelines for images to use or avoid. You may also want to provide links to your logo library or recommendations for preferred language. Remember to include anything specific to your organization/event such as calendars, contact information, etc.

Checklist of Items Recommended to be in Volunteer Fundraiser Toolkit  
  • Sample Communications the Volunteer Fundraiser can use
    • Example text messages
    • Example email messages
    • Example social media posts
    • Example page updates
    • Sample Thank You Communications
  • Easily accessible organization logos in many file format
  • Relevant event information, such as calendars, registration links, etc.
  • Do’s and Don’ts if necessary
Download this word document/PDF, update your branding, personalize the text, and feel free to save it as a PDF to share with your supporters! Use the comments below to share what modifications you made.
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