Easily Empower Passionate Supporters With The Canadian Launch Of Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising 7755

Easily Empower Passionate Supporters With The Canadian Launch Of Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising


With the rise of social, mobile, and crowdfunding technologies, individuals are more empowered than ever to leverage their networks and make a big impact on the causes that are most important to them – whether on an organizational or individual level. With a reported decline in revenue across 55% of charities in Canada in 2020 alone, this new set of tools has the potential to help fundraising organizations to not only recover from the challenges brought on by COVID, but thrive in their fundraising efforts as they mobilize invigorated supporters and turn them into advocates.

Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising™, powered by JustGiving®, bridges the critical link between organization-led fundraising and individual supporters, enabling organizations to drive greater social impact.

As part of Blackbaud’s peer-to-peer portfolio, this tool is specifically designed to empower social good organizations to address the rapidly changing needs of the next generation of supporters, who are looking for more flexibility and ownership over their fundraising activities. Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising, helps organizations stand up new, innovative fundraising programs without subscriptions or set-up costs, as a complementary fundraising strategy to their traditional peer-to-peer event fundraising programs.

“We’ve already seen so much good generated by this tool. It has helped more than 27 million users around the world raise billions of dollars for the nonprofits and causes they care about, and Canadian organizations have already raised over a million dollars during our early access program,” said Allan Hoffmann, president and general manager of Blackbaud’s operations in Canada. “We’re putting easy-to-use fundraising technology in the hands of Canadians ready to take action—that’s what we’re most excited about. We look forward to celebrating fundraising achievements led by Canadians.”

With Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising, powered by JustGiving, social good organizations can:

  • Multiply their reach and fundraising campaign potential exponentially by giving their supporters the ability to create related pages that have easy social media integration
  • Take their campaigns and mission online, bringing together remote communities digitally who would otherwise not be able to connect due to restrictions and lockdowns
  • Easily support less-experienced fundraisers with automated coaching emails to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge and framework they need to hit and exceed their fundraising goals
  • Provide anyone on their team access to design and export flexible custom reports
  • Easily and efficiently report on results using the tool’s seamless integration with Blackbaud eTapestry®, and additional integrations that are on the horizon

And individual fundraisers can:

  • Join forces with social good organizations by creating, sharing and growing their own fundraising pages or donating directly to the organization
  • Take a DIY approach to fundraising by dedicating funds from events such as birthdays and weddings to charities, or by combining activities they already love, like exercising or baking, to raise funds for good
  • Drive more impact by fundraising in teams
  • Leverage community-based fundraising, in-memoriam giving, livestreaming and fitness events

As the world's leading online fundraising platform for social good, JustGiving is known for its reliability and security. Now that it is available to any social good organization or school in Canada, those who may have been struggling to diversify their revenue streams while their communities are remote, can continue to drive forward towards achieving their mission digitally.

Learn more about Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer fundraising, powered by JustGiving here.
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