0% Fees through Giving Checkout on JustGiving  8038

0% Fees through Giving Checkout on JustGiving 


Giving Checkout is a simple, direct donation form, button and checkout that makes it quick and easy to receive online donations. It can complement your campaign-based fundraising or provide an easy-to-use donation form for your website. With Giving Checkout you get 100% of every donation because it is without platform and credit card processing fees. See how you can take advantage of configuring Giving Checkout today.


Giving Checkout has no costs for organizations like yours because it leverages Blackbaud’s new Complete Cover model. The Complete Cover model includes the full cost of processing, so that 100% of the donor’s gift reaches your organization. How exciting is that?

Giving Checkout

  • Is safe, secure, and trusted, with over 20 million transactions totaling over $1B in donations processed (and growing!)

  • Is made available for existing JustGiving customers in the US, UK and Ireland

  • Disburses donations via the Blackbaud Giving Fund

  • Is completely free to use and easy to set up

Why is it totally free?

Giving Checkout empowers the donor to choose if they want to contribute to overall processing costs. What makes this different than other models you may be familiar with is that even if the donor covers none of the fees, Blackbaud will. This means you get free processing. Every. Single. Time.

How does this impact current JustGiving users?

It is our newest innovation for individual giving and can be used on your website, in emails, direct mail and much more. Many organizations in need of a donation form will copy the link to the Donate button from their JustGiving Charity Page or use the Widgets to generate a donation button. Those methods are super handy, but each donation has a credit card processing fee subtracted from it (and platform fee if you are using Blackbaud Merchant Services).

Consider Giving Checkout to substitute those options, allowing you to net 100% of the donation. Additionally:

  • You can share your deep links anywhere digital, and they are fantastic on websites, social media posts and in e-newsletters and mail outs.

  • You could pop a JustGiving button to your website so your donors can see that you are using a well know and trusted provided for your online donations. You can also highlight to them that your organization will receive 100% of their donation.

  • You can generate your very own Giving Checkout QR code. When your supporters scan the Giving Checkout QR code with the camera on their smart phone they will be taken straight to your donation form where they can donate online securely to your cause.


Features of Giving Checkout

  • Collects donations via a customized, system generated button that allows you to set the default giving amount

  • Permits donors to voluntarily cover the processing fees (Blackbaud absorbs it if they don’t)

  • Applies to one-time or monthly donations; Giving Checkout does not apply to Campaign Pages, donations via the Charity Profile Page, or Personal Fundraising Pages

  • Allows you to redirect donors from a standard confirmation page to a specified landing page (like your main website, for example)

  • Instantly syncs your data to Raiser’s Edge NXT (if applicable) or supports daily syncs over to eTapestry (if applicable)

  • Full donor details show up in your JustGiving Payment Report

Get Started with Giving Checkout

Create your custom link through the Giving Checkout tab of JustGiving.

Giving Checkout will not be available if you are currently processing donations in Canada or via Blackbaud Merchant Services™.


Have questions? You can learn more about Giving Checkout here.

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