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Changes To The General Ledger API

The General Ledger API was updated on 1/22/2019. See our Changelog entries for more information. 

We added two new general ledger endpoints: Project note (GET) and Project note (POST).

We made the following change to the SearchAccounts endpoint:

You can now query by from_account_code and to_account_code to filter by a range of account codes. Querying with from_account_code without to_account_code will return a list of accounts with account codes greater than or equal to from_account_code. Querying with to_account_code without from_account_code will return a list of accounts with account codes less than or equal to to_account_code. Supplying both will filter accounts with account codes between the two values. 
Posted by Justin Ward on Jan 23, 2019 8:50 AM America/New_York

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