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Matt Costantino
Hello all - I have set up a custom dashboard using Power BI report and embedded it as a tile on the HOME tab of RE NXT. ...
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Andrew Gibson
It seems the redirect URL is required to authenticate. What is the intended usage for this parameter when calling ...
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Julian Daniel
Having a really frustrating time trying to add an attendance entry to a test student. I'm using CURL, with the ...
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Zoran Prastalo
Is there a way to extract medical information other than predefined Nurses lists? I am working on a report that ...
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piyumi perera
Hi all, I am new to SKY add-ins and I am trying to implement Auth code flow as the Auth flow for my add-in. I tried with ...
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Roberta A Gilbert
Does the new MFA requirement accept hardware authentication like a Yubikey? This is widely supported now, but ...
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Workato User
I'd like to make a GET request to pull data from a pre saved list in Gifts, however I haven't been able to locate the ...
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Yogursky Consulting
Hi, I am building an integration between Blackbaud and Salesforce and using the Get Users Extended by Role ...
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Matt Thacker
Hi all, Curious if anyone has tried storing their RE data into a larger data warehouse?
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Marita Gonsalves
I’m using Power BI Desktop Version: 2.105.664.0 64-bit (May 2022). I followed the installation instructions in: ...