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New – Add SKY Application Contributors


To help teams working on SKY applications together, we added the ability for application owners to add users as contributors to an application. Contributors can help manage application details, including reviewing inquiries and editing marketing information.

To invite a contributor, from the application details page, select Add in the Application contributors tile. A screen appears for you to enter the contributor's email address. When you select Save, the contributor then receives an email invitation.

If application contributors don't have a Blackbaud ID and/or SKY Developer account, they are asked to create one when they accept the invitation.

Application contributors have the same application permissions as application owners with a few exceptions. Only application owners can:

  • delete the application,
  • add or remove other contributors, and
  • transfer ownership to a contributor.

The Application contributors tile on the application details page.


For more information, see the Shared changelog.

News SKY Developer Announcements 10/21/2020 4:42pm EDT

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