Changes to the Constituent API 7304

Changes to the Constituent API

We have made the following changes to the Constituent API to include head of household information.
  • The Constituent and Constituent list endpoints now support head of household information.
  • The GET Relationship, GET Relationship list (Single constituent), and GET Relationship list (All constituents) endpoints now include the following properties:
    • is_spouse_head_of_household
    • is_constituent_head_of_household
These properties may be set on new relationships created through the POST Relationship endpoint and edited through the PATCH Relationship endpoint.

For more information, see the Constituent changelog.

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For anyone else using the OpenAPI definitions for client code generation, a heads-up that this release doesn't revert the breaking changes introduced in the previous release. And according to my discussions with Ben Wong‍ we can no longer depend on any consistency in the OpenAPI definitions as changes are not considered to be "breaking" (though they result in code that will break a consuming application).

I wish Blackbaud could appreciate the unnecessary complications these changes involve but I've pushed as far as I can on this.