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Top 5 Underutilized Features Of Luminate Advocacy

Are you galvanizing your grassroots with Luminate’s powerful (but under-utilized) advocacy features? Check out our top 5 ways you can equip your supporters to influence policy which may not be part of your day-to-day tactics.

(plus a bonus 6th! a lagniappe, if you will, in honor of recent Mardi Gras)

1. "Non-traditional" Alerts

Alerts that connect your supporters to their elected officials through web forms are a tried-and-true way to reaching decision makers - but as recent success stories have reminded us, calling them on the phone can really make your presence felt. And when you're looking to influence debate, consider a local or national "Letter to the Editor" campaign that helps get your talking points out to broadcast and media targets.

An example Call Alert form

A Letter to the Editor form

A localized Letter to the Editor

2. Automatic Segmentation

When trying to get the right message at the right time, don't forget to leverage some of the system-generated groups for district/county/state residents when determining things like email audiences. You can use these segments for hyperlocal targeting and personalization.

Constituent Advocacy details

Automatic US county segmentation

Automatic local district segmentation

3. Vote Center

Define your organizational positions, track votes and build scorecards.

Track a vote

Set your organizational position

See the results of Congressional votes

Build scorecards for officials

4. "Thank or Spank" Emails

Then use these votes, as well as details like committee membership or party affiliation to filter your emails to relevant constituents.

Email audience filter options

Advocacy-specific filters

5. Social share on landing & thank you pages

Incorporate widgets to tweet at targets to amplify the impact.

Example of alert to add social widgets

Use native Janrain social sharing Twitter S-tags

Build a custom styled content page with the Find Your Rep widget and social share widget

6. BONUS: Progress meters, including custom designs

Get creative and inspirational when tracking progress. Use native widgets to count responses, or use S-tags or APIs to visualize in completely custom ways.

Insert progress meters to inform and inspire

Get creative with designs of progress meters

Posted by Chris Cain on Feb 20, 2018 2:34 PM America/New_York