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Troubleshooting Claimed Email Domains For Single Sign-on

With single sign-on (SSO), your organization's members can sign in to Blackbaud ID-supported solutions with their credentials for your identity provider (IdP). To recognize your members when they sign in with their Blackbaud ID, you set up your organization's email domains — such as or — for your SSO connection in Authentication settings. To help ensure your email domains are set up correctly, or if a Blackbaud ID with a claimed domain doesn't redirect to your IdP's sign-in, consider these troubleshooting tips.
24b331bf3ab73e33347778525e621d5e-huge-atConfirm your DNS provider. To help protect your Blackbaud IDs, Blackbaud verifies each email domain against your domain name system (DNS) provider to ensure it's yours. To enable this verification, you update your organization's DNS with a text (TXT) record of the domain. To ensure you update the correct DNS, such as if your organization uses multiple domains or providers, visit ICANN WHOIS, enter the email domain, and confirm the service provider in the Name server field.

Follow your provider's instructions. Once you confirm your DNS provider, follow their instructions to add the domain's TXT record. For example:
  • Your DNS provider may support '@' as a shortcut for the root domain. Otherwise, add the root domain itself, such as or
  • If your DNS already includes a record for the root domain but it isn't recognized, add quotes around its TXT value, or append it to the end of the existing record.
Be patient! Depending on your DNS provider, it may take from a few seconds to up to two days to verify your email domain. When the verification completes, Blackbaud sends an email notification, so keep an eye on your inbox and SPAM or Junk folder.

For more information, check out the Claimed Email Domains Help.
Posted by Steve Stegelin on Oct 29, 2018 12:27 PM America/New_York

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