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Important Trends In Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Recently, I got a Facebook notification that a college acquaintance is running a marathon to raise awareness (and money) for brain cancer. To be honest, I barely remembered how she and I became Facebook friends (maybe we were in a class together?) but as a fellow runner (half marathons only!) with family members who have survived cancer, I was moved by the cause. I donated.

My story echoes many of the new trends in the fast-changing peer-to-peer fundraising landscape. In just the past 2 months, organizations have received over $2 million from Facebook fundraising, much of which came from donations just like mine. The data-driven world of peer-to-peer fundraising includes many changes and advancements (along with a ton of funds raised).

What you should know:
  • Remember when peer-to-peer meant run, walk, and ride events? These are rapidly shifting to non-event programs where supporters can choose how to raise money, whether that’s shaving their head or walking across the country in a stormtrooper suit. Think about it: how many Facebook birthday fundraisers have you seen in the past month? I even attended a 1-year-old’s birthday party where the parents requested partygoers donate to a charity of their choosing instead of bringing gifts. All of these are types of peer-to-peer fundraising.
  • Do you support livestream fundraising? You may be asking yourself what this is. Well, kids aren’t the only ones who like to watch others play. Adults and teens will donate to your cause if they can watch someone play a video game or something similar. Over $30 million was fundraised via livestream gaming in 2017, and that number only keeps growing with time.
  • Gone are the days of people blindly sending money to just any organization—with the expectation that the organization will spend the money wisely. People want to choose where their money is going and see the impact of the dollars they spend. As a result, project-based fundraising for specific causes or programs is on the rise.

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Posted by Jocelyn Wright on Apr 5, 2019 9:00 AM America/New_York

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Peer to Peer is so fluid and ever-changing.  
  • Posted Mon 08 Apr 2019 11:53 AM EDT
Thanks for sharing!
  • Posted Tue 09 Apr 2019 08:43 AM EDT