Blackbaud Celebrates Earth Day 7617

Blackbaud Celebrates Earth Day


Today, April 22, people all over the world are observing Earth Day and Blackbaud is no exception! Read our Earth Day blog to learn how we are celebrating with our employees and discover how our company operates sustainably in our recently released 2020 Social Responsibility Report.

Today, is known as the world’s largest environmental movement to celebrate Earth Day and Blackbaud is excited to join the celebration! We believe participating in Earth Day reinforces our company’s commitment to sustainability and enables our employees help drive sustainability.

Did you know that earlier this week we launched our 2020 Social Responsibility Report? In our latest report, we demonstrate how we champion culture and philanthropy, the way we serve our customers, how we create employee experience, ways we give back, and how we operate sustainably. The report also highlights the various ways we continue living our purpose of helping good take over—
read the report here.

As a global organization, we are constantly evolving and learning, and we believe educating ourselves is one of the most important things we can do to get more involved in sustainability initiatives. As a part of our Earth Day celebration, we are sharing several opportunities for employees to watch a virtual screening of the award-winning documentary, A Plastic Ocean. We are also taking time to listen by asking our employees to share ways they are already living sustainably.

Do you or your organization do something special to celebrate Earth Day? We’d love to hear about it. Tell us what you’re doing!

Happy Earth Day to all the environmentalist champions out there!
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