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Put Me In, Coach!

Have you seen the show Friday Night Lights? Even if you haven’t, you’ve probably heard the saying “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.” This mantra combines strategy and emotion with a desired outcome, inspiring the team, the town of Dillon, and TV fans in only a few words.

Fictional coach Eric Taylor knew that a leader needs a mission and vision statement to achieve the goals of their organization. And—like a good leader—he knew when to evaluate and modify these statements to ensure they represented the core values of his team.

Blackbaud’s Organizational Best Practices: Executive - Leadership Toolkit course can help you be an effective coach for yourself and your organization. Learn how to dig deep as a leader and craft mission, vision, and mentor statements to build a solid organizational foundation. You’ll learn tips, strategies, and best practices to strengthen your brand and identify core values and SMART goals for optimal results.

Coach Taylor also understood that empathy is essential for leadership. This course teaches how to shift perspectives to understand the views and feelings of everyone in your association. You’ll discover techniques for organizational review and evaluation and how to effectively create positive and lasting change. Sometimes the hardest part of leadership is self-reflection, but the provided templates and materials will turn introspection into action.

Whether on the field or in the office, strong and humble individuals are needed to lead the charge for social good. At a nonprofit, when everyone aligns in heart and mind behind the cause, everybody wins—especially those in need.
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