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Effective Techniques For Fundraising Campaigns


Unleash the maximum potential of your campaign on everydayhero!

Creating a campaign on everydayhero is really easy to do.  In fact, it only takes a few minutes.  Use these tips to help ensure every campaign you create with your everydayhero Pro tool is ready for prime time. In this post we focus on four key areas: content, design elements, promotion and creating a sense of urgency. Read on and learn these essential tips for effective fundraising campaigns.

Compelling Content

• Create genuine content focusing on both the values of your mission and your supporters

• Tell your story visually by
embedding powerful photos & videos into your campaign landing page. Keep in mind, audiences are 10x more likely to engage with video content

Create a a short 30-second video, then enroll it in the 
YouTube for Nonprofits program, where viewers may visit your campaign from the video, in just 1-click.  


Design Elements

Color increases recognition by up to 80%. 95% of top brands only use 1 or 2 colors, with 41% applied as colored text. The top 2 colors used are red and mountain green.   Retain color consistency throughout your campaign content (text, background, and logos).

Reference a color chart to assist with selecting colors utilized in your campaign.  Click on this color wheel to download a thematic color guide. 


Create a campaign specific logo relative to your theme.  This is especially effective in recurring campaigns. It helps constituents and supporters experience a branded recognition of your campaign and anticipate its reoccurrence, every year. Remember to use this logo on all your promotional material!


Highlight Your Supporters. The energy around a campaign spreads when supporters have a voice, face or key role in bringing its message to life. Use your website or social media to highlight top supporters by adding a summary of their efforts to your website and social media. Be sure to include a url to their page on everydayhero, to help connect the dots!

• Create and maintain a
blog and use it to promote upcoming campaign details. Make posts with updates to the campaign to keep it active.

• Promote your campaign by
procuring banner ads, Google Adwords, local newspaper ads. Don't forgot to enlist your social ambassadors and influencers to join in spreading the word!


Create a sense of urgency

Short campaigns shape a sense of urgency.
Your impact statement should be powerful, your deadline imminent. This aids in maintaining a continuous flow of donations.
Use your everydayhero Pro account to create unlimited campaigns and maximize your subscription. Turn annual drives, previously promoted offline (emails/newsletters/direct mail), into campaigns hosted throughout the year on everydayhero.

  Create a contest or giveaway on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook for the campaign. Invite supporters to hashtag your campaign to broaden its sphere of influence. Use social media to promote supporters and link to their pages on everydayhero. Personalize rewards given to your supporters by making them gifts relative to your organization or mission. If you're on a budget, reward them with gifts donated by your local community or sponsors. Set contest deadlines to begin and end  in cycles throughout the lifetime of your campaign to keep it active. Complete one contest deadline, then begin another!
Need help with creating a campaign? Head over to our How to Build a Campaign video!

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