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To help the Social Good sector prepare for and respond to any potential impacts of the coronavirus, we’ve compiled these resources, which we will continue to update:



everydayhero Blog

  • campaign
    Inspiring Examples Of COVID-19 Charity Appeals on everydayhero
    Every day we speak to people fundraising for and donating to good causes, and we know the worry and concern the outbreak of COVID-19 is causing. It can be easy for people to feel a bit lost and powerless at a time like this, so it’s important to give people clear ways to help your cause. One way you can unite supporters is to give them a fast and effective way ... more
  • P2P Idea Calendar
    Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Idea Calendar
    We've taken the guess work out of planning successful peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns with our free  Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Idea Calendar . Download today for seasonal and holiday-inspired fundraising ideas, as well as examples of custom experiences you can offer your fundraisers and donors. No matter your mission, the creative seasonal ... more
  • team fundraising
    Help Your Supporters Create Their TEAM Pages
    According to the Blackbaud Annual Peer-to-Peer Report , teams do most of the fundraising in most event categories! Team captains are the cornerstone of most peer-to-peer fundraising efforts. They continue to outperform their team members, who outperform individuals not participating in a team. So it’s super important your supporters know how to ... more