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  • drab to fab
    What Is Peer-To-Peer Fundraising An Excerpt From Drab To Fab – Peer-to-Peer Event Makeover E-book
    What is Peer-To-Peer Fundraising an excerpt from Drab to Fab – Peer-to-Peer Event Makeover e-book By Madeline Turner Close your eyes. Picture the excitement of the starting line at your walk or run. Picture a pack of cyclists lined up as they are about to embark upon a 50-, 80-, or 100-mile journey. Picture someone so passionate about a cause that they ... more
  • golf
    Campaign Ideas: Everydayhero Pro For Golf Events
    Organizing a golf tournament takes time, organization and preparation.  They're resource intensive and require careful planning - but, they can make great fundraisers!   Golf tournaments are fun for supporters, create great sponsorship opportunities, and draw high net worth individuals.  Hundreds of schools and nonprofits run successful ... more
  • CommunicationsTile
    Effective Techniques For Fundraising Campaigns
    Unleash the maximum potential of your campaign on everydayhero ! Creating a campaign on everydayhero is really easy to do.  In fact, it only takes a few minutes.  Use these tips to help ensure every campaign you create with your everydayhero Pro tool is ready for prime time. In this post we focus on four key areas: content, design elements, promotion and ... more