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  • Ready, Set, Post! Getting Your Nonprofit Started on Social Medi
    Last week we talked about Social Media Planning .  Which platforms to use, where to invest your time and resources.  After you have chosen the social media platforms you want to focus on, now it's time to get you started.  Here are a few back to basics that will help you get your nonprofit started on social. 6 Suggestions to Get Started Create an email ... more
  • Offline Donations LIVE
    What is it? Offline donations are now live in everydayhero. You can now easily enter, edit and delete offline donations, as well as attribute them to a specific fundraiser. Once an offline donation is added or edited, the fundraiser's personal page, their fundraising total, and the campaign fundraising total are automatically updated to reflect ... more
  • Social Media Planning: Deciding Which Platforms To Use
    Starting to use social media requires an important first step – setting your goals! Decide why you are on social media, and what you aim to achieve from each platform. Then develop a social media marketing plan to achieve your goals. Many people start with no plan, or a “pasta plan” comprised of throwing things up on the wall to see what sticks. You have a ... more