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  • P2P Idea Calendar
    Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Idea Calendar
    We've taken the guess work out of planning successful peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns with our free  Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Idea Calendar . Download today for seasonal and holiday-inspired fundraising ideas, as well as examples of custom experiences you can offer your fundraisers and donors. No matter your mission, the creative seasonal ... more
  • team fundraising
    Help Your Supporters Create Their TEAM Pages
    According to the Blackbaud Annual Peer-to-Peer Report , teams do most of the fundraising in most event categories! Team captains are the cornerstone of most peer-to-peer fundraising efforts. They continue to outperform their team members, who outperform individuals not participating in a team. So it’s super important your supporters know how to ... more
  • JoytotheWorld_landingpagebanner
    Our Gift To You: Free Holiday Themed Templates To Help You Raise More
    Tis’ the season of giving, and boy oh boy are we excited!  If you could see us now, you'd see ribbons, bows and confetti coming out of our ears. We love the holidays! A whole season of giving. What's better than that?  In the world of fundraising, December is the largest month of giving, by far. According to the Blackbaud 2016 Charitable Giving Report, in ... more